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Dru Christine Fabrics & Design is a fashion design studio located in The Superior Arts District. For over five years, the studio has serviced everyone from local fashion influencers to national celebrities. The workspace also carries the designer's current apparel and accessory collections, an assortment of contemporary and vintage fabrics as well as eccentric, rare sewing notions. Here at Dru Christine, we don't simply sell commodities - we provide deeply personal experiences from the moment you set foot in the studio. From in-depth style evaluations and vision sketches to multi-layered fittings and accessory matching, we take a holistic approach to understand your unique style and make your dream look come to life. No matter the occasion, we know that you want the best look for those big life moments. Because of that, we let you experience every single step of the design process. Entering our studio is like entering a home. We ensure that our guests feel comfortable, invited, and eager to return. Grab a complimentary cup of coffee or bottled water as you browse the shop. Or even sit down and chat with the designer about your style interests. Are you an aspiring designer? Dru Christine teaches and hosts a variety of sewing classes, offers open studio hours for creatives, and even has a fashion library full of resources at your disposal. So come visit our home! You'll see there really are no short visits here - most people tend to stay awhile!
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