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Hey y'all! We are a two person team consisting of Krystle Ford (my business-savvy belle) along with myself, Quinton Yeldell (the southern podiatrist). We are an Indianapolis, IN-based handmade, natural line of skincare that we describe as being foot-focused, but great for the entire body. Why the FEET as a focus for skin care? The idea began years ago while I was in podiatry school. We would administer moisturizing creams to patients (often diabetics). While the creams we used worked well, I couldn't help but to notice the not-so-good ingredients. So I thought what if I could create a moisturizer that did wonders for the skin, while also having non-toxic ingredients. Through LOTS of research our cream was created, inspired an entire line, and (in 2013) Southern Hospitality was born.
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