Chocolate Tea Value Size Bundle

Chocolate Tea Value Size Bundle

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Sub Rosa Tea's Chocolate Tea Value Size Bundle includes 2 oz each of our loose-leaf tea flavors: Chocolate Mint Rooibos, Spiced Mexican ChocolateS'mores, Coconut Truffle, Chocolate Ginger Brownie, and Cherry Bomb - a perfect mix for chocolate lovers.  Enjoy each tea on its own or mix for a new, unique flavor.

Set will yield 20 -25 servings of each flavor.  

The Chocolate Tea Bundle also includes a recipe card for a Tea Latte.

TEA LATTE RECIPE to make the best cup of hot chocolate you'll ever have! 

  1. Measure a double serving of loose-leaf tea into your infuser. (If you love a bold taste- triple the serving!)
  2. Steep tea in 1/3 c boiling water for the suggested time.
  3. Heat 2/3 c milk until it is steaming.
  4. When both are ready- combine! Sweeten with honey to taste and enjoy