Sassafras -  Caffeine Free

Sassafras - Caffeine Free

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We sell this powder, pre-measured in 1 teaspoon of powder in one of our filter papers. You'll be receiving 4 tea bags (for $5), or 10 tea bags for $10. We are a loose-leaf tea company but this powder is so fine, we are opting to sell it this way. The filter paper bags are not sealed. You can easily remove some powder, or add your favorite tea or spices directly to the powder. Lay the top of the filter paper up and over the rim of your mug. Pour the water over the bottom of the bag, the part with the sassafras in it. Steep at least 5 minutes in boiling water. 

Ingredients: powdered sassafras root bark

Sassafras is a North American tree also known as cinnamon wood and ague tree. 

The dried root provided flavoring for root beer for many years. Sassafras tea has been consumed in the US for more than 300 years. 

Safety: Be advised that our sassafras root bark contains safrole, a naturally occurring plant compound classified by the FDA as a potential carcinogen based on early studies on rats. As such, it is banned as a flavoring in the US and Canada. It is also banned as an ingredient in the commercial production of soaps and perfumes by the International Fragrance Association. Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing. 

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