Meet the Makers: Akron Bazaar Mother's Day 11 May

We return to 159 South Main on Saturday the 11th from 10-4:00 with 50 fabulous makers! The building is hosting a mimosa bar to celebrate Mother's Day and we'll have Odd Dog Coffee out front again.

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Love our new venue? Want to host something of your own there? (We can't wait to see a bride come down that gorgeous staircase). Check out our venue's website. They have been such great partners getting these summer shows off the ground.

And now... meet the makers!

Tae Hattery, Wednesday Workshop

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"We make handmade bags, accessories and novelties in fun video game, pop culture and alternative fashion! We offer extended sizing and accessibility adaptations at no extra charge. We also offer custom work, gift certificates and pay it forward options. Each month we choose a different cause to support, either local to our bodies or our spirits."


Hannah Mathews, Cleveland Sewing Company

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"Cleveland Sewing Company's unwavering commitment to offering heirloom quality home goods not only encourages sustainability but also supports local artisans and American manufacturing. By replacing single-use items with durable alternatives, we enable our customers to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, reduce waste and keep money in their pockets. At Cleveland Sewing Company we utilize an array of eco-friendly fabrics to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a circular textile economy. These natural fabrics include organic cotton, hemp, linen, lyocell, and one of my favorites being a locally sourced landfill diverted cotton canvas. For the last 5 years we have partnered with a local business to divert thousands of yards of fabric from our local landfill, utilizing it to create an array of beautiful functional and decorative products. We have also just begun working with a fabric made with recycled cotton and recycled PET plastic, continuing to pull materials out of the waste stream and extend their lifecycle, thus reducing our reliance on virgin materials and fossil fuels. Cleveland Sewing Company remains steadfast in its mission to contribute to the well-being of the community while offering exceptional, ethically made products that help others make the small changes that create big ecological results."


Danielle Gura, Firelands Wax

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"Experience the natural and nostalgic scents of Northern Ohio with artisanal, handcrafted soy candles from Firelands Wax. Each locally inspired, seasonal candle is made with domestic soy wax, pure cotton wicks, and toxin-free fragrance oils for a clean and fragrant burn that evokes the spirit of each season while remaining enjoyable for even sensitive consumers. Handcrafted by owner and artisan Danielle Gura in her home outside of Oberlin, Firelands Wax offers a premium, locally themed option for clean candle lovers who enjoy both simplicity and seasonality in their homes."


Dana Knight, Concept Candle Bar

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"Hi candle lovers, concept candle bar is handmade candle company that specializes in making unique candle collections. We take inspiration from anything that sparks our fancy, (music, art, fashion, nature, etc.) to give a candle experience that goes beyond your sense of smell. Each scent from our signature collection is accompanied by a fingerprint that represents a mood… a memory … an experience. It’s up to you how you’ll "identify" with our amazing custom blends. We’re also made with the good stuff. Our unique blends are hand-crafted with eco-friendly and Phthalate-free ingredients making every burn a guilt free indulgence. Join us in creating a more creative and inclusive candle culture one signature at a time. -Concept Candle Bar"


Danielle Capotosto, Dippity and Snark

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"Dippity and Snark is an independent design studio offering cards, stationery, and illustrated goods. Dippity and Snark was created by Danielle, a graphic designer, and illustrator. Each design is drawn by hand and features Danielle’s signature sense of humor. You'll find so many fun goodies from stickers and stuffies to sassy greeting cards. Dippity and Snark is your one-stop gift shop!"


Lucy Williams, Boundary & Thorn

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"Boundary and Thorn's products celebrate the joy of life with art prints and greeting cards centered on food, drinks, nature, and positivity. Our products are illustrated by Lucy and printed with a local vendor in Cleveland, OH, with love and care."


Brittany Hargett, Pages of Ivy

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"Pages of Ivy is a creative business focused on convenient disc-bound stationery and nerdy embroidery. Based in Akron, Ohio, Pages of Ivy is run by Brittany Hargett with the help of her three cats and her husband. Brittany's work is a bit nerdy, a bit pretty, and totally true to her creative muse. She is inspired by flowers, anime, games, and an ardent love of coffee."


Charles Strasshofer, Chuck Stuff LLC

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"I create functional tableware by either throwing clay on a potter's wheel or by folding thin slabs of clay. The glazes I use on my pots is also formulated by myself using raw materials, a process I very much enjoy."


Cyndi Reilly, Clark Pottery Studio

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"My pieces are created from wheel thrown and hand built white stoneware, many pieces are embellished with underglazes and sgraffito; cone 6 firing and hand made in limited small batch quantities in my home studio. My inspiration comes from the things I love the most: travel and nature. What I observe from my surroundings and the feelings I experience often reflect in the design of these one-of-a-kind pieces."


Grant Ederer, Grant Ederer Design

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"Grant Ederer is a ceramic artist and designer from Akron, OH. His work toes the lines between sculptural and functional, architectural and organic. He creates tactile objects which are influenced by the inherent diversity of naturally forming patterns and their underlying geometries. He uses a wide variety of production methods including wheel throwing, slip casting, press molding, and hand holding to develop his forms and surface designs. Grants work includes serving ware, vases, mugs, planters, and more all of which are designed and made by hand in his Akron studio."


Kyle  Kukwa, Mirrored K Studio

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"Inspired by the everyday use of pottery from our collective past, we strive to inspire a resurgence of pottery use in our modern lives. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with the use of one of a kind handmade ceramic items."


Mary Clark, Tiny Cloud Ceramics

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"Tiny Cloud Ceramics makes one of a kind kitschy-cute functional ceramics. Their work mixes retro-futurist surface design with kawaii culture and candy coloring to make something uniquely delightful. Be it a mug with a neat twinkling pattern, weird nondescript blobs with faces, or a pair of animal friends frolicking, each piece is lovingly crafted in Akron, Ohio."


Kelsey Allman, Wild Blends Apparel

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"Wild Blends Apparel creates tie dye sweatshirts, t-shirts and graphic shirts with a focus on fun and seasonal graphics. We also create unique tote bags, canvas pouches and tie dye scrunchies!"


Tracy Bower, Tracy Darlin'

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"Tracy Darlin' makes loungewear, accessories & home goods for people who enjoy turning old into new. Each product is sustainably handcrafted from vintage fabrics in Akron, OH with the goal of creating a beautiful & functional heirloom for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come. With a bit of imagination and elbow grease, any fabric's story can be rewritten. Let us share those stories with you!"


Abigail Trout, Rooted Intentions

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"Rooted Intentions is a LGBTQ+ women-owned business. We offer handmade Reiki-infused products, such as macrame, crystals, plants, and more. Our products are made to assist with the overall health, wellbeing, and empowerment of others. Special intentions are set for each item such as growth, peace, grounding, safety, and more. We are passionate about empowering our community to learn more about themselves and ways to heal on a holistic level, especially through free chakra testing and specialized crystal recommendations at our pop-up events."


Elizabeth Harkness, Angel’s cupcakes

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"Established in 2023 we are family owned and operated and proud to have the best chocolate and vanilla cupcake recipe ever!! Paired with our homemade buttercream which is a secret family recipe we have perfected over the years!"


Heather Girves, Henry’s Creamery

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"Henry’s Creamery has been bringing homemade artisanal ice creams and sorbets to NE Ohio since 2019. Made with locally sourced dairy and eggs we strive to provide not only amazing flavors but craft them from incredible ingredients."


Kristin Crites, Abbella Crafts

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"My passion lies in crafting handmade items that blend artistry and functionality. Specializing in home decor and jewelry, my designs are brought to life through the intricate art of laser engraving, with wood being the primary canvas of my creations. My work aims to enrich homes with a touch of timeless elegance, celebrating the beauty of the natural world while adding a personal touch to every creation."


Jen Davis, Edifice Art

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"I'm Jen from Edifice Art. I describe myself as an Energy Artist. I create jewelry, divination boards, tarot card holders, crystal holders, woodcut lamps and many bookish things. I give each and every piece I create intention and trust that it finds the person who was meant to have it!"


Susan Hazel Rich, Hazelmade

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"Hazelmade is a collection of illustrated paper and home goods by Susan Hazel Rich. Each design is thoughtfully hand-drawn and carefully paired with the highest quality environmentally friendly papers, durable cotton fabrics, and minimal earth friendly packaging. I am proud to say my entire line is Midwest / USA Made. I use USA sourced materials whenever possible. My products are functional pieces of art with bold colors, fresh florals, and a modern twist on vintage themes; they are a beautiful addition to any home."


Krystal Tomlinson, Live Dream Create

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"Live Dream Create specializes in handsewn plushies made with felt, fleece, and similar cuddly and colorful fabrics. Their collection features a rotating lineup of "non-traditional" adorable animals and cute creatures - including bats, jellyfish, aliens, and mushroom folk. They also share a love for food-themed toys, playsets, and decor, such as sundae or s’more playsets, popular pierogi ornaments, and even cuddly dino-nugget pillows that are perfect to show off on your couch or bed! The best thing about Live Dream Create’s plushies, is that they’re designed to be fun and bring joyous smiles to everyone - kids *and* adults!"


Krista Beitl, Chewlinka G.E.A.R.

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"We make dog collars, bowties, collar flowers, bandanas and t-shirts for dog lovers. We also design some of our own fabric allowing us to have unique products. We are passionate about animal rescue and donate a portion of our sales to local animal rescues in northeast Ohio."


Ashley Smith, Atlas & Aether

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"Atlas & Aether is a handmade jewelry brand by Cleveland local artist, Ashley Smith. She creates copper electroformed gemstone jewelry using a variety of traditional metalsmithing techniques, 3D printing, and more. From her dainty rosecut gemstone stacker rings to her whimsical large statement necklaces, Atlas & Aether has you covered for every occasion!"


Dylan Kamalay, Water Bear Clay Co.

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"Water Bear Clay Co. is a small women-owned business that was established in late 2019 and specializes in handmade polymer clay jewelry. Polymer clay as a material is incredibly lightweight, which allows for statement styles without the sacrifice of comfort. Made with hypoallergenic metals, eclectic shapes, and intentionally mixed colors; we strive to create products with longevity and sustainability in mind. We believe in the playful spirit of water with the way it adapts and forgives, a flexible force of nature that we hope to emulate in our art."


Melissa O'Brien, Melissa O'Brien Designs

Online | Instagram


"i enjoy designing and creating jewelry that is understated, elegant, modern, and wearable. I make each piece by hand and strive to create pieces that are casual enough to wear with jeans, but elegant enough to wear for an evening out. I get excited by the act of creating and the process of transforming an idea into something real that can be held in your hand. Rarely do I start with a concrete idea, I prefer to allow the creative process to happen organically. I am most inspired with shaping and forming and the use of positive and negative space, using traditional metalsmithing techniques."


Nancy Franck, N.E.wear

Facebook | Instagram


"N.E.wear (pronounced "anywhere") is all about keeping recyclable materials out of the landfill. I design and create innovative and wearable art jewelry made from acrylic paint skins, leaves and flower petals, found insect wings, recycled bicycle spokes and guitar strings, horse tail, wood veneer, seeds and so much more. My materials are recycled, upcycled and sustainable. I also have a line of astrology and moon phase pieces and a line of yoga pose pieces. N.E.wear pieces range in price from $20-$50."


Rhiannon  Blahnik , Sweet Thing Baked Goods

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"Hi, sweet tooth! If you like sweet things of all kinds, we've got you covered. We're a custom order-based bakery in Cleveland that also makes one of a kind "sugary" treats like baked goods magnets and jewelry. But if you have a taste for melt-in-your-mouth meringues, sumptuous shortbread, or elaborately decorated sugar cookies, Sweet Thing Baked Goods has got you! Everything is made from scratch and decorated with attention to detail. Cookies make great gifts for events of all kinds, so talk to us at the show to place an order."


Robyn Durlin, NARFdesign LLC

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"NARFdesign (Nearly All Robyn’s Fantastic design) is a collection of sea/beach glass jewelry created by Robyn Peterson Durlin, inspired by her love of beachcombing while kayaking on Lake Erie. The sea/beach glass in each beach/nautical/abstract jewelry design can be traced to a specific coastal region, and primarily features glass that she has hand-picked herself."


Jennifer Bernzweig, Akron Antiques 

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"I make jewelry from antique recycled items, from silverware, buttons, pocketwatches, Thimbles and other vintage and antique items. Taking items that have hidden in drawers and the backs of closets to make something new and wearable."


Chaz Letzkus, Chazmania

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"I create pen and ink hidden image art. My drawings are made up of dozens of animals, people or objects. For example, my TIGERAMA is comprised of 171 hidden animals. CAT’S TALE is a drawing of a cat and kitten made up of 80 cats. Many of my drawings come with a separate answer key showing what’s in the drawing. Most are framed or matted for 11" x 14" size. My art is both unique and affordable. I draw with rapidograph pens with points as small as .13mm on recycled paper. I have drawings of wild and domestic animals, aquatic animals, birds, as well as over 60 breeds of dogs. I just don’t do animal art. I have a drawing of Santa made up of 125 holiday things, a lighthouse made of actual lighthouses, a castle comprised of 32 musical instruments and others. I also have boxes of assorted animal blank notecards. My motto is LOOK CLOSER."


Clara Manfredi, C. M. Manfredi

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"I make monsters"


Haley Mortensen, Haley Mortensen Illustration

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"Haley Mortensen is an illustrator and designer from Cleveland, and enjoys storytelling and creating characters through her work. She uses traditional and digital mediums, with an emphasis on marker and gouache. This artwork is then featured on art prints, stationery, and gift items."


Sarena The Yandere Goth, Silverwolfsoul

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"I'm an illustrator, character designer, aspiring graphic novelist, and crafter! My work is anime and nature inspired- lots of mushrooms! I sell art prints, stickers, pins, keychains, little sculptures/figures, plushies, and origami."


Anna Gilbertson, ACallahanCreation



"Local artist specializing in custom works of wall murals, landscapes, buildings, homes, pets, etc. as well as Cleveland/Akron/Buffalo artwork. Everything from originals to prints, to ornaments, to line drawings. You name it, I can probably do it!"


Dania Alvarado, La Chiquita Selva ("The Little Jungle")

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"Hello, I’m Dania, the proud owner and green thumb behind "La Chiquita Selva," also known as The Little Jungle. I’m your local pop-up plant shop journeying across Ohio. From novices to seasoned gardeners, all are embraced here! Education is my passion so I love sharing insights about my plants’ origins and proper care. Discover indoor tropical houseplants, common and rare, along with delightful gardening accessories like hand-curated soil and handcrafted concrete planters. Each planter is uniquely handmade by me, with custom colors to add a personal touch to your green oasis."


Matthew Rees, Be Better Goods LLC

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"Hi, we are Gabby and Matthew, cofounders of Be Better Goods: an Akron-based, family-owned company on a mission to upend the toxic home cleaning products industry. Armed with our inside knowledge of the industry from our time in petrochemical manufacturing and regulatory compliance, we created a portfolio of non-toxic, highly effective home cleaning and laundry solutions. We are launching Be Better Goods in March 2024 with three spray cleaners: Multi-Surface (4 scent options), Bathroom (4 scent options), and Glass & Mirror (unscented). Our scents are 100% essential oil blends which provides flexibility to offer seasonal options and bespoke/blend-your-own options at markets. Through the end of the year, we will be launching laundry solutions (Liquid Laundry detergent and Scent & Soften booster), dish solutions (Washing Up Liquid and solid dish soap), and tablet solutions (toilet bowl bricks and tiny tabs). We are proud to be 100% made in the USA, from ingredients to our small-batch, manufacturing. Better products need better packaging. Our bottles reduce plastic waste by at least 70% by using recycled paperboard for rigidity. We help customers magnify this impact by offering ready-to-use refill pouches. We will always search for the most sustainable solutions for our customers!"


Nirali Schrader, Akron Henna Art

Facebook | Instagram


"I do henna art, face paint and create henna crafted things."


Ronell Crams, Upper Moon Creations

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"I specialize in witchy, gothic, spooky, 3D printed, and anime home decor. I will have keychains, trays, ouija board decor, fidget toys, dice towers, wine bottle holders and more available at my booth my prices range from $2-$50."


Snarky Pants!, Snarky Pants Studios

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"We're sisters from Ohio creating unique, playfully irreverent gifts for those people who are snarky at heart. First Sarah sketches an idea, then Erica makes it perfect and sends it out for printing. We turn our designs into greeting cards, vinyl stickers, canvas bags, enamel key chains, pins and buttons, scout-style achievement badges for your pets to earn for protecting you against the mailman, hiding a bone, or bringing you the best "gift", and Sarah crochets super cute amigurumi plush toys, like turtles and bees!"


Stephanie Baumberger, Sand Witch and Sage

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"Sand Witch and Sage was created by Stephanie Baumberger--a multimedia artist with a focus in block printing and sculpting whether that be ceramics or polymer clay. Her designs are inspired by all things nature, witchy, spooky and cute."


Chuck Seidler, Seidler Woodworking


"Hand crafted memorable wooden gifts for special occasions. Cutting boards, Cheese slicing boards, Charcuterie boards, and cell phone/tablet stands. These are designed and produced by myself in my studio, using the finest domestic and imported hardwoods available that highlight the natural beauty of the wood. These heirloom gifts will be cherished by the recipient for decades to come."


Micheline Thompson, MishMoccs Moccasins & More

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"At MishMoccs we offer handmade leather moccasins (for infants, and toddlers) with matching accessories. Recently, we added amazing ladies leather totes. Our moccasins meet all recommendations set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics to support children’s early walkers with their sensory and balance. I have been granted a U.S. registered design patent for my original design. My products speak quality & loved by many!"


Claire Mercer, cleverland puzzle design

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"cleverland puzzle design creates unique puzzle books that celebrate Ohio. Beautifully illustrated and packed with word challenges, logic puzzles, and nonograms, they are perfect for unique gifts and are slim enough to pack on-the-go puzzling adventures ✈️ Ready to put your brain to the test? Shop cleverland at the Akron Bazaar this summer!"


Susan Rusinoff, Floral Fancies


"I create floral and other media masterpieces including wreaths, center pieces, candle rings and other creative designs. My work is of the highest quality, unique and displays my passion for creativity!"


Tasnim Salem, Cozy

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"I make polymer clay art on mugs, frames, medals, etc."


Maiko Hinton, WabiSabi by Mai

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) time always gives me peace since I started when I was 6 years old in Japan. I’m offering traditional style Shodo pieces and cards, and also customized calligraphy arts on scrolls and frames, for the name in Japanese letters (kanji), proverb, poem /haiku or even love letters. Many are ordered as absolutely unique, one-and-only gifts for somebody special on birthday, wedding, anniversary and and so on. Each piece is created with love. I'm very happy to share the world of Shodo and wabi-sabi through this store!"


Dejah Nixon, Nuni Products

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"Nuni Products is a planted-based body-care line, aiming to aid with everyday skin concerns with natural ingredients. We are a sister duo, with a passion for formulating and ever-expanding knowledge of the skin, charged to share their creations. We strive to provide a product you're excited to grab each day. Nuni Products creates accessible, quality products that don't hurt your pockets."


Jennifer Scott, The Ash House

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"The Ash House makes handcrafted soap and body products with all natural ingredients as well as clean burning hand poured candles. We focus on sharing the ancient art of soap making with our customers as well as keeping our products free of plastic packaging, palm oil, or artificial colors. Our soaps are made with local and fair trade ingredients when possible. Each soap is made with thought and intention and a love for our natural world all while keeping in mind the aesthetics of a beautiful product."


Leigh Hughes, HoneyBee's Soap

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"HoneyBee’s Soap is a husband and wife team who began making handmade, cold-process soap in their little Highland Square apartment kitchen the summer they got married in 2002. They’ve been creating hand-crafted, artisan soaps for more than 20 years. What started as a hobby soon became a passion! All of their soaps are pH balanced and palm oil free. They pride themselves on being environmentally conscience by using minimal packaging, natural ingredients, and essential oils, and strive to use sustainably harvested and organic materials whenever possible. All bars are handmade with ❤️ in Akron."


Joshua Wright, Clemeno Candle Co

Online | Facebook | Instagram


"Clemeno Candle is a small batch candle & perfume company that not only uses clean quality ingredients but we also connect with local and regional artists to create unique home looks and inspired concepts. What sets me apart is my attention to detail and modern design ideas as well as my commitment to customer service and eco-conscious practices."