Sell with us


Would you like to sell your handmade items at a Cleveland Bazaar or Akron Bazaar event? Join our mailing list. It’s where we announce our calls for vendors and other information.

Typically, we open up applications for the holiday season shows at the beginning of the year (the application period ends in August). We also announce on our Facebook page. Valentine apps are due in January, summer show apps in March.

All applications are made via Submittable. Go here for more information or to apply.

Update February 2022: please note that Submittable is the ONLY way to apply for a Bazaar show (both Cleveland AND Akron).

It’s come to our attention that a large number of scammers are stalking Facebook event-related posts and offering up “vendor spaces” or even private messaging people who indicate an interest in selling at a show in post comments. These scammers will ask for payment via PayPal, Venmo or other electronic services. THIS IS NOT HOW WE OPERATE. 

First, you need to apply using Submittable. All of our events have jurying fees and you pay those at the time of application. When you apply to sell with us, after the deadline for a given event, our jury meets to go over all the applications and selects the makers / artists / small businesses they would like to accept. If accepted, you will then receive an acceptance letter from our jury. It will tell you to expect an invoice from our accounting software. When you pay that invoice, you’re officially in, and we’ll invite you to join our private group if you aren’t already a member.

We may message you on social media if we haven’t worked together before, like what you do and want to invite you to apply, but you still need to go through the steps above! We will never message you and offer a spot for immediate payment. That’s not how juried shows work.

If you ever receive a message and aren’t sure if it’s from us, please reach out!