August Instagram challenge

This month our Bazaar family is doing a new Instagram challenge. You can follow along at the #abcgram hashtag and learn more about our talented Bazaar family of makers!

One reminder for all makers this month: our holiday show applications are due by the end of August. Click the “apply” button at the bottom of the main page for more info.

We’re looking forward to another fun and successful holiday season with your continued support. Thank you for shopping local: it means so much not only to our makers but to the Northeast Ohio economy as a whole. As Bazaar has grown over the years since 2004, we’ve always tried to open up new opportunities for our people. This year’s latest addition, our Retail Lab at Legacy Village, will continue at the holidays with a month-long multi-vendor popup.

In addition, we are filing the paperwork for a nonprofit organization than can help bring even more and better opportunities and education to not only our Bazaar family but also the other small businesses of NEO.

If you’re heading to Weapons of Mass Creation Fest this weekend, be sure to stop by our table and learn more.

Retail Lab switchover day is tomorrow — next up, Glam and Grace, Tidal Cool and Urban Botanicals. Learn more at their event link on Facebook!