Be our Valentine? This Saturday!

This Saturday come shop with 80 Bazaar vendors (including about 10 who are completely new to Bazaar! we’ve included photos from some of them in the post below) at Lake Affect Studios from 10:00-6:00 p.m.

Saturday, 11 February
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Lake Affect Studios
1615 East 25th St (between Superior and Payne)
Cleveland OH 44114

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Getting to know you…

We thought it would be fun to introduce you to this show’s vendors in their own words… get to know what you’ll see at the show. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook all week long for additional previews.

Now… let’s get to know the talented people you’ll find at Lake Affect on Saturday:

Araina Marsden | online
I make wheel thrown, hand carved functional ceramics in bright colors. Many of my pieces are inspired by my Alaskan heritage.


Lynn Zukowski | online
Blue Lake Botanicals makes herbal wellness products infused with the green blessings of plants. Each herb we use has its own nourishing constituents, uplifting aromatics and unique energy which we incorporate into our skincare products, soaps and herbal teas.

Gregrey Patrisso | online
I own Boonie Patch Co. We make iron-on patches, pins, and patched caps! We are based in Toledo, Ohio. We make a lot of unique, random, and quirky designs. We love patches and pins because they are like mini art prints that you can wear on your clothes!

PawKids | online
We make unique one of a kind slip through the collar pet bandanas. We choose the finest cottons so our bandanas can stand the wear of our pups, they are machine washable and the stitches hold to a lot of abuse. We bring a smile to everyone that walks into our booth and we enjoy mostly getting photos of our customers pups and kitties to re-post on our Instagram and Facebook page. All made with love!

Maggie Osborn | online
We are a small family farm located in Grafton, Ohio. We raise honeybees using all organic beekeeping methods on our 18 acre organic farm of wildflower, herbs, clover and fruit trees. We also raise alpaca, sheep and goats for their fiber that we then turn into hand sheared, dyed and spun yarn as well as our 100% wool dryer balls. Using our honey and goat’s milk we handcraft our rich and creamy all natural bar soap. In addition, we have formulated our own tough on stains, yet gentle on skin all natural lavender laundry soap blend that pairs perfectly with our dryer balls.

Cynde Hujarski | online
Jewelry made from recycled 35mm film negatives combined with various metals. I also have a line of Cleveland/Ohio pendants in copper, stainless steel, and brass.

Eric Anderson | online
The work of Yeou Designs was inspired by the material itself. in 2014 Eric Anderson, a carpenter by trade, began collecting small pieces of scrap metals with the idea of repurposing the material into jewelry. A short length of copper pipe would become several pairs of earrings. A piece of brass cut from a door made at the turn of the century could be shaped into a pendant for a necklace. Yeou Designs began with the simple idea of making jewelry out of common building materials. The project has since evolved to incorporate Eric’s other interests, woodworking and print making.

The aesthetic is simple. Nothing polished. Often no two are the same. Exploring experimental techniques for coloring and shaping metals, Yeou pieces stand on their own. Every piece is an attempt to capture exactly what it is that’s inspiring in something timeworn and burned out.

Faye Simmonds | online
Soleil Studios is a local jewelry studio that creates handcrafted nature inspired jewelry. Using petals and organic forms as design inspiration they make chic and timeless pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Many of our stones vary in size and shape so we hand make every stone setting, from wire form, to ensure that it is secure and beautifully presented. We surround the stone with petals that have been individually hand cut, from sterling sheet, and then soldered in a organic thoughtful design. Every Soleil Studios piece is a unique and well crafted gift for you and your loved ones.

Kerri O’Connor | online
It is my passion to create captivating jewelry that is alluring, versatile, and vibrant with the feelings of pure joy and inspiration – talismans or amulets to wear throughout the day. It is my intent that this will be passed on to the wearer. Why? If you are happy, you will naturally spread it like wild fire to everyone around you. And then they will feel good too! I use captivating, natural gemstones, lustrous sterling and fine silver, gold-filled and copper metals in my designs. Why? Historically precious stones and metals have been used to embue leaders with strength, courage, will and other positive qualities. And in today’s terms, precious metals and gemstones are eco-friendly. They are healthy, naturally beautiful, and feel wonderful against your skin.

Keith Teneyck | online
Unique and often obscure interpretive movie prints and gig posters.

Amy Eibel | online
At Little Chicago Clothing Co. we design and hand print apparel and accessories inspired by Ohio, the Rust Best and local communities. We specialize in offering a wide variety of on-trend styles for women, men and children that go beyond the basic t-shirt. We create unique designs and print them onto styles that are truly flattering, comfortable and high quality (and we offer as many styles as possible in extended sizes).

Marissa Mele | online
Maroozis are hand-crocheted drink cozies with hand-cut felt designs inspired by things people love. Maroozis fit a variety of beverage containers like cans, bottles, disposable coffee cups and much more.

Oddball Press | online
Oddball Press is a purveyor of 21st century correspondence. Our mission is to create greetings and printed goods that please and delight consumers. Our products are developed through a combination of modern technologies and processes of the past. We embrace all printing methods and rely on other print shops for production. We believe in good design. We believe in ink on paper. Long live the written word!

Refresh Collective | online
Refresh Collective refreshes our city through creative arts, community engagement and youth development. Our Fresh Gear workforce development program provides youth-made clothing and music with a hip-hop vibe to inspire health and vibrancy. All proceeds help create youth jobs and support our ongoing youth mentoring programs.

Vickie Nortz | online
Ridiculously Good Salsa was voted #1 salsa in Columbus by Columbus Monthly Magazine in 2016! We offer mellow, happy medium, and our new flyin’ off the shelf HIGH HEAT! We make our salsathe old fashioned family way; laughter, Love, tears and lots of music. We use only the freshest ingredients and do not add sugar, vinegar or preservatives. Our salsa usually sells out at every event. After many requests we recently began shipping our salsa. The #totalchipmagnet has been received from coast to coast with rave reviews!

Erica Montejo | online
Tiny Erica Jewelry is a sleek, versatile, and sturdy geometric fine jewelry collection handmade in Cleveland, OH. Everything is crafted small batch style with my own two hands, utilizing ethically sourced sterling silver, gold, gemstones, and recycled woods to explore the underlying grid structures and textures of objects found in my everyday surroundings.

Chris Deighan | online
I make ink drawings. They’re either entirely fictional or they depict imaginary layouts of Cleveland. I screen print these drawings on paper and shirts. I also sell prints on metal and canvas.

Lauren Back | online
Backattack Snacks makes, flavored almonds and the best beef jerky in the world. We believe you should never need a PhD in chemistry to understand what you are eating. We use minimal ingredients with maximum flavor. All of our products are free of processed/refined sugar, soy sauce and preservatives. They are all Non-GMO, gluten-free and dairy-free. And our beef jerky has no nitrates, nitrites, acids or cures. You get the same healthy benefits from almonds and beef with extra flavor!

Jon Sliwinski | online
I am the creator of Bloombeards. We started as a premium mens beard care company that specialized in hand crafted beard oils and balms. The ladies were getting jealous so we wanted to show them some love so now we also carry unisex chapsticks and killer sugar scrubs as well. I make everything by hand and our stuff just plain works. Our products are simple with only a few ingredients but thats what makes them so effective. We are know for our amazing mens beard kits which come in cigar boxes to give them that masculine/ retro look and feel. Thanks for GROWING with us!

Champaign Paper | online
We create cards, totes, pocket journals, art prints and more, featuring our original art. Our products use recycled and/or made in America materials and packaging whenever possible.

Cuyahoga Collective | online
Cuyahoga Collective is a purveyor of goods and objects for the home. Our aesthetic represents the roamers and the seekers by taking inspiration from the North Coast and bridging the gap between home and exploration.  We highlight our in-house creative alongside makers from Ohio, the US and beyond. And pride ourselves in connecting customers with the world around them, whether from their living room, around town or a journey into the wild.

David Shafron | online
I make wood stuff!

Sarah Sampsell | online
Sweet Dish & Darling is a small-batch, hand crafted business. I love the infinite ways to be creative through the expression of scent, the process of sitting down and mixing fragrances, brainstorming combinations, hunting for new materials and meeting my customers at events. We source raw materials from US-based companies and blend addictive scent combos, mix, pour, label and sew everything in our home studio. Everything is made-to-order to ensure the highest quality product makes it to market.

Venus In Aquarius Apothecary | online
Venus In Aquarius Apothecary specializes in Astrological Aromatherapy with the intention to inspire divine balance in each sign using only therapeutic grade/organic essential oils/absolutes/herbs sourced with sustainability in mind. Also offered are a variety of bath salts/soaks, herbal teas, healing serums, chakra oils, mists, etc!

Vinny & Cindy Tirpak, Blastmaster | online
We make sandblasted glassware…ceramic mugs and stainless steel accessories

Angel Neal | online
Home-based cottage bakery. Everything is ALWAYS baked fresh! Best known for our sweet-based Sourdough Breads in over 150 flavors! We also bake cakes, cookies, brownies, and other tasty treats.

Cassandra Fear, Fear’s Confections | online
From geek to chic, we make sweets to die for! Our tantalizing creations, hand made with care, pair unique flavors with the timeless techniques of confectioning. Cleveland’s Original Counter-Culture Candy Counter – where modern meets nostalgia.

Lora DiFranco | online
Free Period Press creates products to help you unplug, relax, and get your creative juices flowing. We started as one of the first publishers of adult coloring books, but have expanded to create a Habit Calendar, Self-Care Zine (perfect for Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day!), and Noodle Notes (a notebook with patterns in the margins for coloring/doodling).

Jen Buchanan | online
Handmade bags, totes and clutches using recycled fabrics and coffee bags and odd handles such as chain, bangle bracelets and chopsticks. Fun, funky and fabulous.

Amy Cornelius | online
Glam & Grace is a line of handcrafted mega pigmented cosmetics. We offer paraben free & cruelty free lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, bronzers & highlighters

Hannah Rasmussen | online
Homemades by Hannah is currently a home bakery that creates beautiful artisan cupcakes that taste just as delightful as they look. All cakes and buttercreams are made from scratch and with the freshest ingredients possible. We began our cupcake adventure in 2016 at a local Farmers Market and have gone on to sell at other craft shows as well as a local restaurant. HBH stands out from other cupcake bakeries simply due to the refreshing quality of the products and services we provide.

Sandra Kugenieks | online
Colorful sunrises and sunsets with everything in the foreground a black silhouette is the inspiration for these unique luminarias. Trees, flowers, cityscapes and other items found in nature are among the subject matters that adorn them. A true mixed media creation, the luminarias are a combination of paper, inks, polymer clay and acrylic paint, all adhered in successive layers to a glass base. Due to the three dimensional effect of the items in silhouette, many people mistake these for metal work instead of the polymer clay that it actually is. Candlelight never looked so good.

Linda Lackey | online
Linda’s Other Life creates quality home sewn home goods such as pillows, tea towels, table runners and aprons. My product line reflects seasonal trends and incorporates playful touches.

Gina Tiber | online
My passion is cultivated in the belief that behind every superior product, there is a powerful story of all-natural, no harm and organic ingredients.
Our all-natural body and lip care products are not just made, but created with love and in gratitude to deliver a product that heals, nourishes and renews naturally.
This simple belief combined with every ounce of love and gratitude we pour into our products is passed on to you; to deliver a product that not only rejuvenates the body, but also lifts the spirit.

Logan Schmitt | online
I make silkscreen art prints and gig posters. I draw lots of pictures of animals, bones, creeps, and flowers. When I’m not slinging work at craft shows I’m designing t-shirts, posters, beer labels, and flyers.

Michelle Romary Apparel | online
Michelle Romary Apparel started as a way for me to fulfill rewards during one of my successful Kickstarter campaigns for an album I was recording in 2013. What started out as sewing scarves to generate recording funds for my music, is now a full fledged apparel company. I design and sew one-of-a-kind and small batches of clothing items, such as batwing & kimono cardigans, vests, infinity scarves, blanket scarves, skinny scarves, and cowl style winter face savers. In 2016 I introduced my home accessory line featuring Ohio shaped items; organic lavender sachet pillows and drink coasters in a range of Ohio themed fabrics. Created from my own patterns, my items are unique, stylish, comfortable, affordable, and made with love!

Autumn Johnston, the Pierogi Lady | online
We hand craft over 130 varieties of pierogi. We also make other ethnic dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

Nataliya Malik | online
I’m a felting designer. I make handmade wool accessories: felted scarves, collars, shawls, wall decor and other.

Nikki Mezic | online
I make functional, hand built, stoneware ceramics.

Anne Harrill | online
Océanne is a line of minimalist modern jewelry by French designer Anne Harrill. With an aesthetic that merges both the maker utility of the rustbelt and the enduring beauty of French design, Océanne is a tribute to Anne’s childhood in France and her journey to the American Midwest. Inspired by life’s small pleasures and made for your everyday, each piece is designed with a focus on craftsmanship, comfort and functional beauty.

Ashley Aranda | online
Papyrusaurus makes a wide variety of home decor, art work, stationery and accessories using mainly upcycled books and other reclaimed paper ephemera. You’ll find their signature book page ornaments, original quirky cards, book-inspired earrings, nerdy book page prints and funky upcycled buttons

Lisa Bayer | online
custom made cookies and cookie baskets

Kate Walsh | online
Peripeti Home offers handmade boutique fragrances, inspired by nature, created using non-toxic ingredients. Our goal is to raise the standard of what we bring into our homes with high quality ingredients and original, unique fragrances you can’t find just anywhere! Scent is personal, cozy, sensual, and mood lifting. So much potential! But we were tired of the “run of the mill” scents on store shelves so we created Peripeti Home; original, high quality, handmade fragrances in a non-toxic alternative so your home can be as unique as you!

Rust Belt Pepper Company | online
We are Rust Belt Pepper Company and we make a Roasted Mediterranean Pepper Relish that comes in original and spicy. The recipe originates from the Country of Macedonia and my family has passed it down from generation to generation. It is gluten-free and vegan and we also use a non-GMO oil. It makes a wonderful condiment for just about anything and the perfect intimate appetizer for two!

Salty Not Sweet/Rustbelt Cooperative | online
Cards and candles.

Shawn Petite Andrews | online
I create mixed media originals and prints to encourage and inspire. Starting with hand cut 3/4″ wood, I use vintage papers, old text books, anything with a past, to create layers of a one of a kind originals. Accenting with deep rich colors of acrylic, pastels, charcoal or inks. I like to think that I take the stories of the past and create new ones for today that touch the soul.

Sugar Bomb Confections | online
Sugar Bomb Confections is a maker of small batch craft candies and chocolates. We specialize in mixing classic candy and confections with modern techniques and ingredients for unique blend of nostalgia all grown up.

Tea Dude | online
Tea Dude offers unique small batch hand blended loose leaf teas made according to the dude’s personal recipes. With over 20 blends and counting, if you like tea we have something for you!

The Bom | online
We make and sell adult truffles, made with love & alcohol. We also bring Truffle Making Parties to area wineries & homes throughout northeast Ohio. During our parties, the guests make & take home their own delicious chocolate truffles! In addition, we make and sell alcohol free confections including our business card sized chocolate bars. We design our own image or use your logo and have a mold created so that we can pour the custom made chocolate bars. Since ‘The Bom’ is an arm of ‘Imprint’, purchases of our confections help us to fund our art classes in group homes, nursing homes, centers for people with disabilities, etc. in the greater Cleveland area. Thank you.

Alexander Draven, Exquisite Corpse Boutique | online
The ExCB is a proud purveyor of handcrafted timepieces & fine jewelry. Whether it is a custom order or a production, each piece is meticulously fashioned by Alexander Draven from start to finish. With a spectrum of prices & styles there is truly a quality piece for everyone.

Sophie Miller | online
Hand stitched wool felt animal ears and tails. Everything you can think of from mouse to llama! One size fit all headbands are comfy and truly fit both kids and adults.

Sandie Angart | online
I make functional collage art products.

Andrea Howell/Tidal Cool | online
Handmade clothing for men and women, neckties, and accessories. February selections from the Tidal Cool Boutique will lean heavily towards stylish capes, ponchos, and cold weather clothing, along with funky necktie selections for him!

Urban Whimsy | online
Unique, fun and whimsical! Our high-quality, handmade wreaths add the perfect amount of whimsy and individual style to every home! Our wreaths are made from a variety of textiles including handmade felt and fabric flowers.

Elissa Hastings | online
Wild Foot Studio hand crafts metal creations for the strong spirited. We use gemstones and precious metals to create unique, heirloom quality pieces that are made to be passed down through generations. Our curated aesthetic is a mix of our strong spirits, rustic feel and bohemian style.

Lee Negrelli, Wild Spork | online
Food truck with two types of grilled cheese, four flavors of loaded tater tots, and awesome tacos. We also happen to be vegan (though most people don’t even know) and have gluten free options!

Amanda Wolf | online
Wolf’s Den Pottery; I create functional porcelain pottery that is wheel thrown and hand built. Each piece is decorated with botanical and nature inspired designs that are hand painted stamped and sprigged.

Michelle LaCoille Harris | online
Antique components from the 1730s to the 1950s are used in these assemblage adornments.

Samantha Hudson, snow. | online
Snow. makes pop culture crocheted figures (technically called amigurumi- a Japanese term). From TV, film, music, and animation characters, to dinosaurs and even potted plants- these huggable handmade figures appeal to children and adults alike. Snow.’s amigurumi are completely washable and dryable and stand from 3″- 12″ tall. Snow. has distiguished herself in the indie craft scene over the last 5 years by designing and creating her own patterns for her geeky/nerdy yet adorable figures.

Kristin Barnes, Sweet Bean | online
Focusing on handmade filled chocolates and bean to bar, with the occasional marshmallow or other confection, we create the treats we love to eat. We hope you love them too!

Nikki Lundberg | online
Odyssey & Oddities is a statement jewelry line handmade from wood, brass, and natural gemstones in Cleveland, Ohio. I set out to make jewelry with a unique aesthetic that would also appeal to a large audience at an affordable price.

Rebecca Philipson | online
I make art and jewelry from vintage tape measures and yardsticks. The art I create highlights the beauty of these tape measures and often pays tribute to the state of Ohio. I use authentic 200 year old barn wood from an Ohio farm as a backdrop to add visual interest and texture. The jewelry I create subtly shows off vintage metal tape measures, beads, and findings to create a unique statement. Tape measures allow me to customize necklaces with numbers that represent birthdays, anniversaries, and other life moments. Unraveling tape measures from the past 100 years has allowed me to create one of a kind pieces that show off the craftsmanship and beauty of a simple item from the past.

April Baranick | online
I started my clothing label, Dress Mechanic, in 2016 after a graceful exit from the corporate world. Having a home-based business allows me to do the 2 things most important to me – staying at home with my active toddler and making! Dress Mechanic’s main focus is on custom, comfortable women’s knitwear; this is the stuff we wear everyday like leggings, tunics, tees and skirts. What sets my line apart from other lines are my super soft fabric options and custom details, such as high waist styles and lace sleeves. My most popular items though are my couples matching underwear sets, which are very fun for Valentine’s Day.

Daniel Maxymiv | online
Making modern jewelry with eco-friendly materials. My pieces share my love for nature and Cleveland.

Anne Nelson | online
I take wire and sheets of sterling silver, copper, brass and bronze, and saw, hammer, forge, bend, solder and manipulate the metal into jewelry and accessories. My one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry pieces are notable for their textures, shapes and natural stones. I’m drawn to the simple, understated look of both the Arts and Crafts movement and Modernist jewelry, while being influenced by Oriental art, wildlife and nature. I find inspiration everywhere, especially while walking my dogs in Geauga Parks.

Sarah Pierce | online
Pierce Jewelry offers a wide variety of handcrafted, original jewelry. All of the jewelry is created using sterling silver, 14K gold and gemstones. Many of the designs feature the signature leaf shape and hammer texture, which insures that each piece is truly one of a kind and original.

Dawn Shimp / fashionsplatter | online
I make vintage-inspired crocheted accessories. My designs are all original, but I often use antique patterns as inspiration. I have discovered some old techniques, and invented some new ones, that give my products a unique look not typically seen in crochet.

Kate Craine | online
Sweet Punkette started about two and a half years ago when I was getting a lot of requests for some items I had made for my wedding reception. Combining my love of music and recycling, I take un-useable, unplayable vinyl records and create something new! My clocks have been my best seller by far! The clocks made from the 45’s are all one of a kind and made from the actual single, so customers are always so excited to find their favorite song. If I don’t have your song, I can more than likely find it for you. I even have a back-stock of about 1,000 singles available to be made into clocks, so special orders are welcome! The LP clocks and cuff bracelets are hand painted with mostly Cleveland inspired art, including the Cleveland sports teams. All of the clocks make awesome gifts! I just started making (also one-of-a-kind) earrings and necklaces from the records, using parts of the original LP labels, and have been a success! My shop name comes from my nickname given to me by Betsey Johnson. When I worked for her, she would call me her “Sweet Punkette”. Check out my spot on Fox 8’s New Day Cleveland here.

Pat Gerber, The Robot Consortium | online
I create original handmade wooden robot characters from recycled hardwoods, everything from Frankenstein’s monster to a marauding Viking! Over 20 characters in the lineup so far.

Liz Sabo | online
Designing functional fashion for everyday life, Liz Sabo’s handcrafted fabric bags are full of practical details and cute style. Her playful designs use bold, geometric patterns and vibrant colors that are paired with simple style lines. In small, limited-run batches, Liz hand prints, cuts, sews and carefully crafts her bags in her Lakewood studio. With each design, Liz strives to create beautiful, handcrafted bags that become part of your life every day.

Rachel Baird | online
RachelElizabeth.Vintage (Formerly Aryel Button Harmony)

Inspired by all things vintage. Created from vintage and antique buttons, I offer a variety of unique styles of jewelry as well as hand knit scarves and so much more. Do you have a tin of your grandmother’s buttons? I can make memorable pieces for you & your family. Pass on their love for generations.

Susan Boyle  | (no website)
Hi, I’m Susan, I live in Slavic Village and I am a volunteer for PAWS Ohio, a foster home rescue for stray and abused dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Of course, I have several furbabies of my own. I started book folding about a year ago after I purchased one at an out of state craft show. The one I purchased was the word “music” and when I saw it I just thought it would be a great gift for a friend who loves books and loves music. I was hooked on trying to figure out how to make these myself. I thought it was such an interesting concept of creating something special using books for that unique gift for someone. If I can I try to find a book that relates to the picture that I’m folding or if someone has a favorite author I will try and find a picture that can be folded into the book. I hope others feel the same way I do about the uniqueness of these books. This will be my first Cleveland Bazaar show.

Sue Lewis | (no website)
Cozyface Cowls. Unique, handmade, stylish and exceptionally warm neckwear lined with Polartec 300, a wind stopping performance fleece used in military and mountain climbing applications. The warmest thing you will ever wear, and great looking too.