Bunny Paige Designs for Cirque Du Soleil

A Cleveland Bazaar Success Story!

Bunny Paige started off as a vendor at Cleveland Bazaar a couple years back and has since acquired more permantent space at 78th Street Studios. This brand started small and has been steadily working their way to great achievements!


Bunny Paige Designs for Cirque Du Soleil

Cleveland’s own Lauren Tatum of Bunny Paige (@bunny_paige) teamed up with the NFL Halftime Show producer for Cirque Du Soleil’s first ever live action thriller, “R.U.N”. The show debuted on Thursday the 24th at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas and the world premier opened November 14th.


Not Your Grandmothers Cirque Du Soleil

This isn’t the type of show you’d expect from Cirque. Bike chases, gang fights, guys on fire and badass girls calling the shots, “R.U.N” is a living, graphic novel with nonstop plot twists, crazy fights, and explosive action! Written by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez @rodriguez (Sin City) and directed by the crazy Masked Singer guy Michael Schwandt, “R.U.N” is a kick-ass action thriller geared towards a younger, edgier audience.


The centerpiece of the show is a modified version of the BUNNY PAIGE SPIKED HEART – a piece iconic to her brand. Headquartered in Cleveland, Bunny Paige operates out of her gallery at 78th Street Studios and her bold designs have been seen and worn at NYFW, Emmy’s, Dubai Modest Fashion Week, Fox TV’s Gotham, multiple Music Videos, Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Livid, and VOGUE even named her Femme Fatale sunglasses the 2018 accessory of the year!

‘Cirque’ is definitely my biggest collaboration to date, and the past 9 months have been both stressful and rewarding!

Is This Really Happening?

She was contacted by Bruce Rodgers late 2018 asking if she’d want to produce for the show. Bruce is the production designer for the Super Bowl Halftime Shows (he’s been involved in every one since 2007). He is also responsible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, concert concepts for Lady Gaga, Eminem, Prince, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Rihanna, etc and of course the entire set of “R.U.N!”

There were moments of disbelief, like somebody has to be playing a sick joke on me,


After a few phone calls and a bit of digging she was even more shocked to find out this was really happening!

RUN The Show Neon Sign
#RUN – Part of the entryway decore for the show!

Under the mentorship of Bruce, Lauren spent the past 9 months prototyping and re-engineering her iconic spiked heart for the rigorous demands of the show. The heart got a serious upgrade utilizing a lot of new technology! She engineered her heart to include glowing LED components – controllable by bluetooth with through a custom mobile app developed by partner, Dan Houseman (@___petrichor). “This enables the production team to ‘light up the heart’ in any color and pattern, remotely, from backstage.” 3D UV Photopolymer Resin printing was used to make the components and they worked with a resin supplier to create a custom blend to strengthen the pieces protecting them from all the motorcycles, fire, tremendous heights, and fight scenes in the show.


“R.U.N” is dark and edgy, and it immerses audiences in a gritty urban environment that – thanks to set designer Bruce Rodgers and his team – feels so real, you’ll forget you’re in a Las Vegas resort!”