Lake Affect Studios Saturday the 11th!

Did you miss our show at 78th Street Studios on the 5th? Well all is not lost for Valentine's Day because we have ONE MORE event for you this Saturday the 11th at Lake Affect Studios.

Click the Capybara of Love below to RSVP and invite your friends. (It's good luck if you click on his butt).

Lake Affect is another cool building full of resident artists and if you have never been, now's your chance! It's located at 1615 East 25th Street between Payne and Superior. There is plenty of street parking and a number of smaller lots. The entrance is in the courtyard. Go up one flight of stairs and you'll find us. (Wheelchair access is at the back of the building).

Here's who you'll find selling with Bazaar. Many of the resident artists will also be open that day.


Joshua Wright, Clemeno (Candles)

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“Clemeno is a small batch hand poured candle & solid perfume company that not only uses clean quality ingredients but we also connect with local and regional artists to create unique design looks and inspired concepts. What sets me apart is my attention to detail and modern design ideas as well as my commitment to customer service & sustainability.”



Anji Gruber: Love, Anji (Cards or paper goods)

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“Love, Anji is not your traditional florist. Their flowers are created from paper and last a lifetime. Whether you are steering clear of allergens or looking for a unique gift, paper flowers never disappoint!”

Miranda Tulcewicz, Miranda Lynn Designs (Cards or paper goods)

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“Miranda Lynn Designs makes quirky, colorful, and wonderful illustrations. You can find them on home goods and accessories in a wide variety of products. These adorable pieces are perfect for gifting, although they might be too cute to give away!” 


Joseph Arnstein, paint by dumbers (Cards or paper goods)

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“paint by dumbers features its inane puns and silly plays-on-words on cards, stickers, and matted prints. The art primarily features dinosaurs, food, misheard song lyrics, and snuggly woodland animals such as porcupines and llamas. The porpoise of the art is simply to encourage people to share a smile or a laugh and to make the world just a little bit better. All artwork is hand-drawn... well... more specifically mouse-drawn by Pittsburgh resident Joe Arnstein and printed on high quality card-stock or vinyl, waterproof stickers. paint by dumbers has been delighting marketgoers and shoppers in Pittsburgh for five years now and is looking forward to taking this show on the road!”




Mary Clark, Tiny Cloud Ceramics (Ceramics)

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“Tiny Cloud Ceramics makes one of a kind kitschy-cute functional ceramics that have a unique kawaii style mixed with 50's-esque surface design that is both fun and functional. Each piece is hand made and decorated with a variety of carved original designs and decorated in bright candy colors. Their ever evolving work features unique shapes, delightful surface design and focuses on making your day a little happier.”




Jessica Kuhns (Ceramics)


“I sell pottery and upcycle clothing.”

Kim + Jack Ford, White Squirrel Clayworks (Ceramics)

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“White Squirrel Clayworks is a wife and husband team in Oberlin, OH, that have a real love of nature and animals. We started our business after many years of collecting and enjoying handmade pottery and decided to become potters ourselves. You will see a direct relation to the natural, peaceful world in our works. That is our true message. The name of our company came from the town of Oberlin and the colony of white squirrels that live here. (We make a lot of white and black squirrel logo items for locals!) All of our pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe! White Squirrel Clayworks believes in sustainability and uses sustainable products and green energy to create our products. We also offer a line of soap and candles that come from renewable sources and do not have any animal products incorporated into them. (Our products are vegan, any honey or beeswax are vegan alternatives.)”


Alejandro Moreno (Clothing)


“I do silk screen prints on t-shirts, cards, posters etc.”

Dawn Shimp, fashionsplatter (Clothing)

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“I make vintage-inspired hand-crocheted clothing and accessories. I'm obsessed with yarn and texture and I live to create textiles with a satisfying tactile quality. My current work has a focus on reclaimed fibers and fabrics, in shawls and halters and fascinating hats.”

Michelle Romary, Michelle Romary Apparel (Clothing)

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“Michelle Romary Apparel is a handmade clothing and accessories line designed, constructed, and sewn by Michelle Lake Romary, in Avon, Ohio. She creates eye-catching one-of-a-kind pieces and small batches of women’s clothing and unisex fashion accessories for all ages. Her most popular items include chic Zippered Ponchos, “Michelle Romary Face Savers” (her bestselling and warmest item for lovers and haters of winter), Luxe Sherpa Cowls, and an array of fun tops! She also creates unique and funky upcycled fabric earrings, and a popular selection of sustainability-minded household goods; cloth napkin sets for those who pack their lunches, as well as fabric coasters and organic lavender sachets, to keep everything smelling great!”


Ann Carpenter, annmade goods (Clothing)

Find me at: Lake Affect Studios

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“a n n m a d e goods is a place where you can find cozy knit items, modern knitting accessories and more! I have been crafting for as long as I can remember and knitting since I taught myself at 16. I've always made gifts for family and friends, but at some point, about 6 years ago I started knitting hats and I just can't seem to stop. I fell in love with bold colors, high quality 100% wool and satisfied customers. Our hand knit products include hats, scarfs, cowls, ear warmers, bows and scrunchies. I added some fun prints and knitting accessories to the store last year and this year I am launching my own line of modern knitting needles and have big plans to share the craft of knitting with the world.”


Alysse Boyd, Stuffed Hot Cocoa Bombs (Food products)

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“As the owner of Rocky River-based Stuffed Hot Cocoa Bombs, Alysse combines her imaginative flair and love for cooking to craft small batch, handmade cocoa bombs. Her delicious, and equally beautiful and unique designs, are meticulously created to enjoy as part of the holidays or any special occasion clients can think of and might request.”


Amira Fahmy, Baked AF (Food products)

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“I recreate nostalgic childhood desserts (aka throwback snacks) from scratch using high quality ingredients, and the majority of items I offer are made with 100% plant based ingredients. There’s something amazing about food that can transport you to a different time and place when you take a bite of it - I want to help people relive those beloved memories while feeling good about what they’re eating.”

Autumn Johnston, Pierogi Lady (Food products)

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“We hand make over 150 varieties of pierogi! Traditional, Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Chicken Paprikash and haluski are also two of our popular options.”

Wesley the Keeper, Akron Honey (Food products)

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“Akron Honey is a super fun honey brand that's way more than just honey. We're about your delicious food and feeling freaking awesome. Our approach to the honey game is what sets us apart. It's not about a jar of honey, but instead about how we can create the best flavors that work amazingly with your favorite foods. Our honey is the stuff that you use on ANYTHING to make it better! Whether it's glazing your salmon or carrots, and brussel sprouts. Or maybe you want to put it all over your pizza to give it insanely great flavor. Or even putting it on your Facebook feed that seems to be barely palatable at times. We'll try anything once.”

Diana Jankowski, Sugarbomb Confections (Food products)

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“Handmade craft candies and sweets.”

Gina Giallombardo, Freeze Dried Cleveland (Food products)

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“I specialize in freeze dried candy. From the newest creations to the most memorable childhood candy. We also make Carhops burger sauce. A delicious sauce for burgers, chicken, fish & more. The only secret sauce you’ll ever need.”

Kristin Barnes, Sweet Bean (Food products)

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“Big flavor, in one perfect bite. We've found the 'sweet spot' where art and confection collide. Our signature chocolates are handmade and hand-painted in small batches in Cleveland, Ohio, using the finest ingredients.”

Michael Killik, Killik's Hot Sauce (Food products)

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“Fermented hot sauce.”

Rhiannon Blahnik, Sweet Thing Baked Goods (Food products)

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“Hey, sweet tooth! Sweet Thing Baked Goods specializes in elaborately decorated sugar cookies, floral shortbreads, and crisp meringues. Made from scratch and baked to perfection, cookies are available in a wide array of flavors and designs!”

Taylor Jacobs & Jennifer McClure, Honeydew Bakeshop (Food products)


“Honeydew Bakeshop was developed out of a mad sweet tooth and a calling to make the vegan goods to quell it! We know vegans have a sweet tooth and we're here to help out. Our specialized mini cookies *and* our regular sized cookies are sure to satiate the vegans (and non-vegans!) in your life.”

Travis Howe, Fat T's Cookies (Food products)

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“Fat T’s Cookies is the top cookie company in the state hailing from Akron, OH. We specialize in quarter pound cookies that are not only bigger than the average cookie, but tastier and more unique. We promise to deliver happiness a quarter pound at a time.” 

Tanya Green, Julia Belle's Seasonings (Food products)

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“Julia Belle's Seasonings, Rubs & Mixes makes curated, hand-blended seasonings inspired from tastes from around the globe. All of our baking and side-dish mixes can be made by adding 3 simple ingredients. Our blends are naturally vegan, contain no GMO, MSG or artificial dyes or flavors.”

Josh & Jamie Sheets, Ol' Dirty Sheets' (Food products)

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“Ol' Dirty Sheets' is a small batch, hot sauce company, out of Wooster, that uses simple and natural ingredients that are layered together to create their hot sauce and spice rub recipes. Ol' Dirty Sheet's now has four flavors of hot sauce and two spice blends. They make hot sauce for hot sauce people!”

David Huffman, Bitchy Vegan Homo (Food products)

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“Vegan bakery most known for my brownies. I will be featuring Valentine themed treats as well for this event.”




Dillon Bodnar, The Rug Weasel (Home dec)


“I make colorful decorative rugs using a tufting gun. I will be selling seasonal rugs averaging 1ft square, including hearts for this valentines day event! I also make small tufted Keychains and coasters. I frequently use upcycled yarn in my products and upcycled equipment to craft my creations. I also take commissions!”

Eric Strickland, Funky Designs Concrete Decor (Home dec)

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“I make beautiful jewelry, décor, and art using pigmented concrete. I blend multiple colors of my fine artisan mix of fiber reinforced concrete to create organic designs in unique forms. Each piece is hand sanded and sealed to protect the art. My handmade concrete jewelry stones are mounted on stainless steel settings. They are surprisingly smooth and lightweight. My décor includes bookends, coasters, planters, incense burners, and soy wax candles.”

James Liskiewicz, JBL Woodworks (Home dec)

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“Modern housewares handmade from locally(Metro Detroit) fallen/salvaged urban wood. Works are nontraditional & very functional, sometimes using magnets. I also hand-turn unique wooden plant holders for tillandsia (air plants). I also grow/propagate the plants for sale.”

Kate Craine, Sweet Punkette (Home dec)

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“I use previously damaged vinyl records to create clocks and multiple styles of jewelry. 45rpm record clocks are made from the actual 45 record single. They make awesome gifts, especially when customers find that special artist or song! The LP clocks and cuffs are hand painted and the cuffs are hand-sanded and shaped. The earrings are cut from the original record labels- all completely one-of-a-kind. In addition, I make large pendant necklaces featuring tarot cards and celebrity mug shots- they make great conversation pieces! My shop name comes from my nickname given to me by Betsey Johnson. When I worked for her, she would call me her"Sweet Punkette"

Adam Trace, Menagerie of Makers (Home dec)


“We are a pair of crafters inspired by the natural and fantastical, geek culture, and the LGBT+ community. We primarily focus on stained glass and stuffed animal, but we're always learning new techniques and new ways of making things.”

Renee Bianchi (Home dec)

“I make recycled epoxy resin trays. I take old discarded trays and recycle them using epoxy resin to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that are functional too.”

Missy Perlic, Feeling Fused (Home dec)

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“I am a fused glass artist offering beautiful glass with a lot of class. I have fun and frivolous, pretty and practical items including platters, plates, bowls, wine and cheese sets, sun catchers, wind chimes, table art, wall art, and so much more. Techniques I use include full fuse, tack fuse, casting, slumping, and cold working. Bits of dichroic glass, iridescent glass, metal inclusions, and crystal beads add elements that glimmer and glow. I am confident that everyone will find something special to add sparkle and shine to their home and life.”


Alexandra Sterk, Grace and Wonder Co (Items for children + pets)

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“Handmade, whimsical accessories for children of all ages!”



Addy Neilson, Tangled Earth Arts (Jewelry)

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“Tangled Earth Arts specializes in unique, fantasy inspired jewelry, art and accessories, using techniques based in both metalworking and chainmaille. Each piece is handmade using high quality materials such as copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, and titanium. My signature copper patina and titanium anodizing let me create colors and patterns that are truly one of a kind, and just a little bit magical.”

Ashley Smith, Atlas & Aether (Jewelry)

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“Atlas & Aether blends classical metalsmithing with innovative techniques such as copper electroforming and 3D printing to create unique jewelry that juxtaposes organic details with structural forms. Our focus is on creating unique designs that accentuate the beauty of natural gemstones.”

Brittany Korona, Gem and Point (Jewelry)

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“Inspired by nature and the eclectic spirit - Gem & Point is a handmade electroformed jewelry line. You will find one of a kind pieces featuring crystals, antlers and natural elements. Brittany is also an artist, so a few paintings will be sprinkled in with jewelry along side some electroformed display pieces and statement crystals for your home or alter.”

Christine Pyles, Delicate Watkins Shop (Jewelry)

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“Delicate Watkins Shop creates small batch seasonal and one of a kind polymer clay earrings for all styles. From small studs to large statement pieces, DWS has something for everyone! Creator Christine particularly enjoys making realistic looking miniature food pieces so stop by to see what delicious, wearable treats she'll have for you this time!”

Davina Romansky, Romansky Jewelry (Jewelry)

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“I am a metals and jewelry artist born and raised in Cleveland,Ohio. I incorporate the use of natural tension and movements found in nature into my jewelry and metal work. I aim to combine artistic talent with technical proficiency giving artistic identity to each piece exciting the imagination. I incorporate sterling silver and semi precious stones and pearls into my work. Every pieces is hand fabricated and formed from raw metals.”

Lindsay Vincent, Copper Acorn Jewelry  (Jewelry)

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Copper Acorn Jewelry is a local jewelry line created by Lindsay Vincent out of her home studio in Moreland Hills, OH. Lindsay works with copper, brass and silver to create jewelry with modern, organic and unexpected designs. She finds inspiration in the patterns and beauty within nature and architecture and often incorporates bold colors into her work. Lindsay wants her jewelry to bring the wearer confidence and joy and help them tell their story.”

Dylan Kamalay, Water Bear Clay Co. (Jewelry)

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“Water Bear Clay Co. is a small women-owned business that was established in late 2019 and specializes in handmade polymer clay jewelry. We believe in the playful spirit of water with the way it adapts and forgives, a flexible force of nature that we hope to emulate in our art. Polymer clay as a material is incredibly lightweight, which allows for statement styles without the sacrifice of comfort. Made with hypoallergenic metals, eclectic shapes, and intentionally mixed colors; we strive to create products with longevity and sustainability in mind.”

Emily Scheiderich, For the Love of Foliage (Jewelry)

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“Decor and accessories for plant lovers.”

Martha Wozniak, B. Radley Ceramic Jewelry (Jewelry)

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“B. Radley Ceramic Jewelry has become known for its brightly colored, retro inspired pieces! But don’t sleep on those hand painted metallic details and gorgeous graphic patterns. Each piece is made of kiln fired porcelain.”

Nikki Lundberg, Odyssey & Oddities (Jewelry)

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“Odyssey & Oddities is a statement accessory line that's inspired by styles of the past and made for today's trendsetters. My jewelry designs are bold and colorful- composed of fringe, vintage beads and findings, gemstones, and geometric shapes. My accessories include hand sewn masks, scrunchies, headbands, and neckerchiefs composed of beautiful and bold patterns, fringe, velvet, and silk! ”

Sarah Pierce, Pierce Jewelry (Jewelry)

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“Pierce Jewelry offers a wide variety of handcrafted, original items. All of the jewelry is created out of sterling silver, 14k gold and gemstones. Each piece starts out as wire or sheet and are then cut, formed, soldered, hammered, finished and set as needed. Many of the items also feature vitreous enamel which brings additional color and depth to the line. The signature leaf shape and hammer texture is seen in most of the pieces as well.”

Stephanie Lee Paynter (Jewelry)

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“Stephanie Lee Painter is a jewelry designer, metalsmith, artist, sculptor, and mother of three. I call my design style “Organic Industrial.” All of my work is made by hand in my studio at the Twist Drill Building in Cleveland, Ohio. I take inspiration from my Southwest roots, my love of modernist art and minimalism, and the grit and industry of the “rust belt.” My work pairs classic metalsmithing techniques with on-trend style to create truly unique pieces of wearable art – from very affordable, to high-end and one-of-a-kind.”

Victoria Semarjian, Serpent & Crow (Jewelry)

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“Serpent & Crow is one-of-a-kind electroformed jewelry with a focus on beautiful crystals, minerals, semi-precious & precious rocks & gems. The technique is a perfect blend of art & science that allows me to showcase Mother Nature’s magic.”




Allison Halstead, The Flying Jeweler (Jewelry)

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“Quirky, elegant jewelry & accessories! Small batch polymer clay collections, unique precious metal designs, & bold graphics.”

Laura Gooley, The Copper Twig (Jewelry)

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“My jewelry designs are inspired by nature made from glass, natural brass & copper, hammered and cut to show the beauty in these natural elements. All items lead & nickel free, hypoallergenic, safe from toxic chemicals, fully embracing the beauty of nature into wearable art.”





Lucy Williams, Boundary and Thorn (Original art or prints)

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“Being a human is hard and messy, and that's why Boundary and Thorn's paper products celebrate all the good stuff life has to offer. We sell fine art prints and greeting cards that are focused around food, drinks, all things green, positivity, and inclusion, with a little bit of corny humor thrown in. All artwork is illustrated by Lucy Williams (the owner) printed, and packaged with love and care right here in Cleveland, OH.”

Natalie Kovacs, Shapelessflame (Original art or prints)

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“Shapelessflame is run by me, Natalie Kovacs, a cartoonist and illustrator from eastern Ohio. Folks usually react quite viscerally to my work–mostly with ornery laughter and exclamations like “Oh my god, this is so me!” My irreverent, relatable work features all types of critters–some I might see on a hike, in my backyard, or even passing through a portal to another dimension. I work both digitally (on an iPad) and traditionally using ink, colored pencil, alcohol markers, or acrylic paint. I sell a variety of prints, stickers, notepads, pins, totes, and more sure to please even the saltiest of curmudgeons.”







Dejah Nixon, Nuni Products (Soap or body care products)

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“Nuni Products is a plant-based body-care line, aiming to aid with everyday skin concerns with natural remedies. We are a sister duo, with a passion for formulating and ever-expanding knowledge of the skin, charged to share their creations. We strive to provide a product you're excited to grab each day. Nuni Products creates accessible, quality products that don't hurt your pockets.”

Joanna Orgovan, Chronically Clean (Soap or body care products)

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Chronically Clean makes soaps, bath bombs, body butters, natural spray perfumes, and cosmetics for those of us who are allergic to life. These aren’t your typical pragmatic bath and body products. We strive to make fun and fancy items for people to use who have sensitive, chronic conditions. All our products are free of phthalates, parabens, hormone disruptors, detergents and sulfates, polysorbates, fake dyes, gluten, dairy and so much more. Our bath and body and cosmetics are also vegan. We use organic, natural, sustainable ingredients that are fair trade too. We believe that you can pamper yourself without using a slew of chemicals that are bad for you. The scents we use are essential oils or natural fragrance oils that are extracted from plants. We color our soaps with natural micas and oxides that have not been dyed or have synthetic colors added. Chronically Clean believes that your bath and body time (pamper time) should make you feel good, be fun, and be healthy for you. We carefully design fun themes for each of our soaps and change them with each season. While anyone can use our products, we consciously create items that are geared to people who must avoid chemicals because they’ve had cancer, Lyme, any other chronic illness, or have reactions to environmental things that no one has heard of. We’ve discovered that everybody has something complicated when it comes to their health. While we can’t cure anybody, we can sure give you safe and fun products to treat yourself with. It’s almost impossible to find cute and fun items at the store that aren’t chock full of chemicals. Basically, our whimsical products are CLEAN so you can stay clean.

Tia Blacketer, Sugar Pepper Soaps (Soap or body care products)

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“My name is Tia and I have been making homemade goat milk soap since 2015. I started my business after buying goat milk soap at a local farmers market and falling in love with the softness it left my skin feeling. After much research, I decided to buy dairy goats, breed them, and get my own milk so I could make my own soap. Since I went live with my business, I endured many obstacles and setbacks, but because this is my passion, I've pushed through and here I am today! All of my recipes for my products are my own, created through research and trial and error. Many people ask me what is so special about goat milk soap as opposed to a regular bar of soap you might buy at a retail store. The answer is this... goat milk is very similar to our own skin's PH and regular use will help minimize the symptoms of sensitive skin issues such as dryness, itchiness, eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. I do warn people though that once you start using goat milk soap, don't expect to go back to your old soap because you will fall in love with it too!”



Barbara Bibbs, Smart Cookie Body Care (Soap or body care products)

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“Smart Cookie Body Care is a plant-based company that promotes holistic treatments using natural, and non-inflammatory ingredients for people who suffer from acne, eczema and hyperpigmentation. We are presently promoting our Hydration Sticks for people with dry skin as well as other issues. Other products include body creams, lotions, lip balms and scented oils.”