Meet our WinterLand makers!

Now in its 37th year, WinterLand (formerly WinterFest) is one of Northeast Ohio’s largest holiday attractions. On Small Business Saturday, just after Thanksgiving, people come from all over to see the beautiful lighting display on Public Square and so much more! Cleveland Bazaar's makers will be selling in both the 5th Street Arcades and Tower City Center (main floor near the new indoor park) from 10-7:00.

Get to know these talented people and start making your list now!

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Amira Fahmy, baked AF (Food) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“My name is Amira Fahmy (hence AF) and I'm the baker behind the throwback snacks. I'm a brown girl who was raised by a single dad in the 90s, and I grew up with an endless love for all things Little Debbie, Hostess, and Nabisco. A few years ago I set out to build a business around making baked goods that would bring people joy. I bounced around with a few different ideas, but once I made my first batch of oatmeal cream pies (aka OCPs), it instantly became clear that throwback snacks are just kind of my jam. Since then, we've expanded our lineup from OCPs to other throwback classics, all scratch-made from quality ingredients plus a little bit of science and a lot of whimsy at our bakery in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. While I'm not a vegan bakery, the majority of my baked goods do happen to be 100% plant based.”

Sahithya Wintrich, CHUTNI PUNCH (Food) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“CHUTNI PUNCH is a line of shelf stable dry spice condiments inspired by South Indian family recipes. They are easy to use on just about anything. All you need to do is sprinkle, mix or toss them with anything, anytime - eggs, salad, vegetables, hummus, pizza, rice, meats, baked potatoes and more. The CHUTNI PUNCH line comes in three versatile and tasty blends, Savory Chana - a mild seasoning blend for a smooth and zesty zing, Super Sesame - a medium seasoning blend for a crunchy and nutty kicker and Spicy Peanut - a hot and garlicky seasoning blend for a warm and spicy wallop."

Chris Deighan, Chris Deighan Art (Original Art) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I make freehand ink drawings on paper that are often based on architecture and history. I am also a screen printer. I print my work on paper and shirts. I also sell waterproof stickers and tote bags."

Dan Maxymiv, Green & Silver Jewelry (Jewelry) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Green & Silver Jewelry creates custom hand-made treasures from wood and recycled Sterling Silver. The jeweler, Dan Maxymiv, studied jewelry design in Florence, Italy and Graphic Design at Cleveland State. He combines both of these passions, along with an environmentally conscious mind into his works. In addition to jewelry he also crafts ornaments. These ornaments are Pysanky, a traditional Ukrainian Egg, to honor his grandparents who fled Ukraine during World War 2. A portion of each ornament sale will go to the Red Cross to aid Ukrainians."

Desiree Adams, Forestview Farmhouse (Food) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“We are a small family farm the specializes in super hot peppers. We use our home grown peppers to make Hot Salt. It's a delicious blend of our hot peppers and sea salt. And new for this year, we are using our peppers to make cocktail infusion kits available to mix with your favorite alcohol or water to make it non alcoholic."

Alicia Alford, Sew Me Quilts and More (Home Decor) Online | Facebook

“Towels like grandma made, but with a fun twist! We are a mother daughter team carrying on the tradition of items we grew up with and just don't seem to find! We make not only different style quilts, but more known for the fun and decorative towels, bowl cozies and bag buddies! All of our stuff is washer/dryer safe."

Dylan Kamalay, Water Bear Clay Co. (Jewelry) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Water Bear Clay Co. is a small women-owned business that was established in late 2019 and specializes in handmade polymer clay jewelry. We believe in the playful spirit of water with the way it adapts and forgives, a flexible force of nature that we hope to emulate in our art. Polymer clay as a material is incredibly lightweight, which allows for statement styles without the sacrifice of comfort. Made with hypoallergenic metals, eclectic shapes, and intentionally mixed colors; we strive to create products with longevity and sustainability in mind."

Kathi Baher, The Dogs Bag (Kids + Pets) Facebook | Instagram

“Over 20 years working with animals, love of art and always needing a challenge has brought me here. This is not your ordinary treat. Fun sizes and shapes of peanut butter treats for your furballs. Yes, each treat is hand painted (edible of course), My grandma (who was an artist) taught me well and to always think out of the box and LOVED dogs herself. If she were still here she would get a kick out of these)! I use her brushes, her table and even her Kitchen! not to mention her love for art and imagination. Our treats are good for your dog and fun for us. Made with healthy human grade ingredients with no crap! We gotta get em treats so why not make them fun for us too?"

Jenna Kramer, Four Stages Tea and Herbals (Food) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“After plucking the tea leaf, the orthodox tea making method consists of four stages. What else is four stages? A butterflies life cycle. When you drink Four Stages loose-leaf tea you emerge into a healthier, more vibrant version of yourself. This is why every unique blend is named after a butterfly. I believe in the power of herbal healing, and I love blending delicious, health-conscious beverages. All blends are organic and fair trade when necessary. Come enjoy some brewed tea by the cup or by the 4 oz package to take home. Every purchase includes a packet of milkweed seeds, the Monarch butterflies sole host plant, so we can all do our part to help this incredible species. I also sell a variety of other tea and butterfly inspired hand-made and blended gifts. A bath blend, steeping instruments, a tincture to help sleep, or hand knit butterfly and tea ornaments for the tree. Go ahead....Steep. Sip. Nourish. Fly"

Jacqueline Kowalski, St. Croix Farms (Home Decor) Facebook | Instagram

“St.Croix Farms produces locally-sourced botanical creations to beautify your corner of the world. Our product line changes with the seasons in order to create a festive atmosphere."

Caylie Mindling, Cayligraphy (Cards + Paper) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Cayligraphy is a pun-tastic name I grew into when I combined my given name and my chosen field. It's always evolving as I do and it's rarely serious, usually silly, and amiably simple. Each Cayligraphy piece begins as an inky hand-lettered or drawn illustration that is deeply inspired by Mother Nature, sending goodness, and laughing your pants off with your friends at 2am. Fueled by my staunch appreciation of and dedication to art being fused into our lives, those pieces will become prints, stickers, cards, notebooks, and reusable bags. I revel in branching out into delightful new mediums and have been known to put a Cayligraphy spin on pyrography, glass painting, leatherwork, screen printed goodies, and more. I believe that what we make matters, and how we make matters just as much, so I plant a tree for every two stickers sold via my Love Your Mother program, print with wind power on recycled paper, produce my reusable bags in small batches with a factory in Mexico that treats their workers with respect and pays them well, and am working toward becoming completely plastic neutral."

Paige Stuart, Loops and Knots Crafts (Kids + Pets) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“After spending several years working as an aquarist, I decided to take a break from the animal care field to be at home with my two children. What better way to combine my passion for animals and creating than turning it into a small business of fun animal themed accessories?! I handmake a variety of faux leather accessories such as hair bows, hair clips, earrings, purses, wallets, keychains, etc. all themed around animals! I'm continuously amazed at how far I have come and truly appreciate all your support."

Stephanie Stewart, p31 Art & Design (Cards + Paper) Online

“P31 ART & DESIGN is a Christian, family-run art and design company that was created for lovers of art who are looking to add to their collection a unique piece celebrating the strength and beauty of the virtuous woman and her family. We create original art pieces used as core components in the design process of our products planners, journals, unique wearable art pieces, handmade stationery items, and other print goods. Our team is comprised of a mother-daughter duo. Through artistic expression, we take pride in ourselves as we enjoy the experience of creation and celebrate the uniqueness of every work of art."

Michelle Romary, Michelle Romary Apparel (Clothes) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Michelle Romary Apparel is a handmade clothing and accessory line combining classic, flattering styles and featuring fun, decorative elements. Her clothing line includes one-of-a-kind pieces and small batches of ponchos, cardigans, and neat tops for all seasons. Michelle's accessory line is anchored by her bestselling unisex Winter Face Saver for lovers (and haters) of winter, her unisex Scarf Collection includes a wide assortment of chic scarves ranging from decorative to maximum warmth, and her Earring Collection includes bold and funky fabric statement earrings and is her creative effort to reduce fabric waste from entering landfills. In addition, she offers her popular collection of sustainability-minded household goods including cloth napkins, fabric coasters, and organic lavender sachets. Michelle also does custom orders! Need a suit for your puppy dog to be the cutest ever ring bearer? She's done that! All Michelle Romary items are designed, constructed, and sewn by Michelle in Avon, Ohio."

Heather Cannon, Shady Grove Greenhouse (Home Decor) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Husband and wife duo creating hand-poured and hand-crafted one of a kind pieces! Shady Grove Greenhouse was founded in 2007 as a small greenhouse business in rural Ohio and has since expanded into who we are today : passionate makers and growers, creating unique, one-of-a-kind products for you to love, appreciate, and enjoy! Shady Grove Candle Co. candles (from Shady Grove Greenhouse) are an all-natural blend of Coconut and Soy wax. We choose coconut soy for its beautiful creamy appearance and clean burn - not to mention it's renewable, sustainable, and non-toxic! (It's important to us!) All candles contain eco-friendly, all natural, and FSC certified crackling wooden wicks ( FSC certified means they are sustainably sourced, maintaining the eco system from where they are harvested).”

Erin Vardous, Julian Bean Crochet (Fiber Arts) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Julian Bean Crochet offers a variety of handmade crochet items, including amigurumi animals that are all my original patterns, hats, cowls, and ear warmers, and even handmade crochet bracelets! I'm always trying new things, and hope to even sell patterns in the future."

Hope Hickman, Hope Hickman Studios (Ceramics) Online | Instagram

“Hope Hickman is a sculptor, ceramic jeweler and painter. After dropping out of graduate school, studying mathematics, in Clemson, S.C., she found her way up to the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she began her career/education in fine craft and art. After a few years just outside of Asheville, Hope began reintegrating with her hometown of Akron. She currently works primarily out of her studio on the Portage Lakes, taking small work-trips throughout the summer to her mentor's pottery in N.C.. Hope hosts, curates and runs the community show for local artists, The Groundhog Show and this October (2022) she will be opening a storefront for ceramicists Grant Ederer, Mary Clark, Vee Morman and herself. She is a currently a member of the Artist Resource Committee at the Summit Artspace and long-term, she has hopes to help expand the opportunities of fine crafters and artists in the Akron area. With regards to her art, in general, the themes that Hope plays with live at the intersection of philosophy, math and personal experience. She regularly ties her ideas back to algebra and the famous logician Kurt Gödel. Lately she has been interested in meta-irony, radicalization in gen-Z culture, and how we construct ideology/ value systems. These elements are most evident in her more recent paintings and less evident in her current sculptural endeavors where she has been working on engineering the ceramic fabric which she plans to bring to the Cleveland Bazaar art markets alongside her ceramic wearables and goods."

Krystal Tomlinson, Live Dream Create (Kids + Pets) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Krystal loves to create plushies from felt, fleece, and other cuddly materials by hand. Whether you're looking for cuddly stuffed animal friend, felt foods for your play area, a quirky desk buddy, or a locally made memento - there's something fun for everyone at Live Dream Create!"

Addy Neilson, Tangled Earth Arts (Jewelry) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Tangled Earth Arts specializes in unique, fantasy inspired jewelry, art and accessories, using techniques based in both metalworking and chainmaille. Each piece is handmade using high quality materials such as copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, and titanium. My signature copper patina and titanium anodizing let me create colors and patterns that are truly one of a kind, and just a little bit magical."

Ronan Gallik, Sanctroe (Original Art) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Sanctroe Illustrations provides original artwork in form of prints, stickers, framed embroidery, pressed florals and wood burned creations. Inspired by classical designs and mythology, each piece shows attention to detail and passion for the process and final product. Whether it's a custom design in the form of a wood burned plaque or the original of a print, each piece evokes emotional ties and allows people the opportunity to connect.”

Rhiannon Blahnik, Sweet Thing Baked Goods (Food) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I've been baking with my mom ever since I was a toddler, and always had a flare for elaborately decorated cookies. As I got older, I refined my technique, and started to bake cookies for friends and special occasions. After receiving complements for cookies made for a cookie swap in 2018, I was encouraged to start selling cookies to customers and friends. In February 2019, I created my own cottage industry side hustle, Sweet Thing Baked Goods. Since then, it has been my pleasure to bake cookies for all sorts of special occasions: birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, holidays, and just because. If you have an idea you want to see come to life as a cookie, please contact me!"

Charlena Robertson, The Soap Obsession Bath and Body Shop (Soap + Spa) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“The Soap Obsession Bath and Body Shop offers luxurious soaps, lotions, milk baths, and other treats to pamper the skin . Our soap collection even includes something for those with sensitive skin. Our lotions nourish and keep skin hydrated. Our milk baths are the perfect way to end a long day. All of our products are handmade with the finest ingredients. Our goal is to make every user feel soft, clean, fragrant, and loved."

Debbie Clapper, gneural llc (Original Art) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Debbie Clapper (aka gneural) is an artist and designer currently living in Berea, OH. She has been making art nearly every day since she was nine years old, and there's no stopping her now. Today, her modern abstract geometric art shows up in all sorts of surfaces and situations: drawings and paintings; murals, sidewalks, and streets; interior decor, merchandise, and objects of all sizes. Debbie creates her distinctive work freehand, without a ruler or compass. But her lines manage to feel regular and rhythmic, kinetic and powerful. Debbie loves being a visual artist and enjoys giving others the tools to unleash their imaginations. Aside from making art, she hosts creativity workshops, speaks about the artistic entrepreneur's life, and mentors others in art and design."

DeJah Nixon, Nuni Products (Soap + Spa) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“We are a Sister Duo that specializes in all things Skin. We create Plant Based Bodycare products that are made to be effective and affordable, and luxurious."

Kelly McGreehan, Kay-Em Apparel (T-Shirts) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Cleveland and outdoor inspired apparel and merchandise. Using pop culture and the love of the outdoors to create relatable and eye catching products!"

Josette Compton, Smart Cookie Bodycare (Soap + Spa) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Smart Cookie Bodycare (formerly Smart Cookie Skincare) is a plant-based company that promotes holistic treatments using natural, and non-inflammatory ingredients. Our value lies in skin repair, specifically for diabetics who not only suffer from acne, eczema, and hyperpigmentation, but also those who struggle to find reasonably priced solutions to their skin needs. All of our products are handmade and formulated by the owner, Dr. Josette Compton."

Joanna Romaniuk, Joanna's Boutique (Clothes) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Eco printed upcycled clothing. Eco printing is the art of transferring colors from leaves (direct contact printing) to the fabric. Gently used clothes from the thrift store are thoroughly cleaned, prepared to accept dye, leaves placed and other botanical dyes applied, and everything tightly rolled and steamed. The whole process is very natural, no harsh chemicals or synthetic dyes involved. Also, hand knitted fingerless gloves and hats."

Jenn Daly, Brazen by Nature (Glass + Candles) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“bra:zen (adj.) bold and without shame Brazen by Nature was started in early 2022. I had a vision too perfect a popular household decor and gift item by using the best burning ingredients, most luxurious fragrances and subtle empowered messages through each candle and scent: Unapologetic, Unashamed, Fearless, Bold and BRAZEN. Brazen by Nature had its inspired start by my need to be my own girl boss, express myself, and create a unique candle experience that speaks to everyone. Each candle is made in a 10oz vintage inspired rocks glass or a 4oz small glass to be repurposed and collected as part of your glassware collection. Travel tins available in 4oz sizes. Brazen by Nature is setting the new standard of candle home decor and gift giving with ultimate quality, luxurious scents, self-care and expression.”


Kelly Ng-Feng, The Honeypot (Food) Instagram

“Growing up as a first generation Asian American and restaurant kid, food was not only how my parents expressed their sentiments, but it was also how our family connected and celebrated our Cantonese culture. I've always enjoyed baking for loved ones; similar to my parents, I came to recognize that food is also my love language. My chemistry background, sweet tooth, and busy-bee spirit together form The Honeypot. Like my parents' restaurant, I envision The Honeypot macarons to honor special occasions, to sweeten everyday life, and to say what can't be said with words."

Robbie Rochelle, Ginger & Honey (Soap + Spa) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Ginger & Honey creates healthy skincare products without preservatives and animal cruelty. Ginger & Honey is not just about what you put on your skin, it's about the overall product quality and your lifestyle. Ginger and Honey helps you merge the gap between the two; starting with your skin. We want our customers to not only enjoy the products that we offer but JOIN us on the journey and encourage a journey of their own. Our products are uniquely formulated with natural and ethical ingredients to suit any skin condition or texture. Looking towards the future Ginger & Honey will offer not only skincare but other wellness products and services for their customers. With each purchase, Ginger & Honey happily donates a percentage of their sales to The BEE Conservancy. By taking care of your skin, you're helping the Bee life on our planet."

Cara Romano, Cara L. Romano Fine Art & Jewelry (Jewelry) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I create jewelry for people who aren't afraid to put themselves out there, who like to try new things, and who appreciate innovation in design. They consider jewelry to be not only an accessory, but an art form as well; a vehicle for self expression. In my designs, I try to abandon convention and embrace creativity, challenging myself to use materials in new ways. I am influenced by art across time and space, from every culture, but mostly I am inspired by the colors, textures, and characteristics of the materials themselves. I love to combine vintage materials with modern elements, which makes each of my pieces one-of-a-kind."

Tanya Long, Inisona (Jewelry) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Inisona is a collection of porcelain and sterling silver jewelry. Each piece of porcelain is carefully formed by hand and fired in a kiln to 2200°F. The silver components are then pierced, filed, sanded, and soldered into position around the fired ceramics. Cleveland based artist Tanya Anne Long is the sole artist and designer behind Inisona. She received her MFA in ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art and her BFA from Pratt Institute. She has spent the last decade working in ceramics studios around the world, continuously developing her jewelry practice alongside her sculpture practice. Her aim for Inisona is to translate the joy she finds through making into tiny, wearable, works of art that others can enjoy for a lifetime."

Rachel L. Machesky, Electric Bookmobile & Sewn Goods (Accessories) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“The Electric Bookmobile & Sewn Goods is an emerging local business rooted in a love for reading and the arts. Founded in 2019 by a former art educator and her book-loving husband, we are planning for a 100% electric bookmobile to bring to events, but are still developing this aspect of the business. Meanwhile, we are emphasizing in-person connections and interactions with customers and fellow makers as we rediscover our hometown of Northeast Ohio. We currently offer a wide variety of sewn items, some with literary themes/fabrics such as tote bags, dog bandanas, bowl cozies, scarves, blankets, and pillows."

Kat LoGrande, Glait Creations (Original Art) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Painter working in acrylic and mixed media with a focus on nature and the environment. I like to paint on unconventional surfaces like milkweed seed pods and wood. My prices at shows range from 8 dollars prints to large paintings in the hundreds but try to have most of my inventory be small paintings and objects under 100."

Bekki Weber, weirdlittleearrings (Jewelry) Facebook | Instagram

“weirdlittleearrings offers a well-curated collection of found toys reimagined into unique and nostalgic earrings. In order to be inclusive to all bodies, 925 silver, plastic, clip on earrings and kidney wires are available at no extra cost for most items. Keychains are also available for most products."

James Liskiewicz, JBL Woodworks (Home Decor) Online | Facebook | Instagram 

"Handmade modern housewares & nontraditional woodworks using locally (Metro Detroit) fallen or salvaged urban wood. I specialize in Tillandsia (air plants) & make decorative holders for them. I grow/propagate the plants I sell."

Felicia Byrd, Hazel Eye Relaxation (Glass + Candles) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I'm Felicia and I am the owner of Hazel Eye Relaxation! I make 100% soy wax candles and wax melts. My love of music, crystals and all things witchy is evident in my work as I love including intentions and crystals in my work. I have a few different collections that I am absolutely in love with including my Zodiac Crystal Candles, Music Idol candles, and my super popular Intention Wax Melts."

Michael Udell, Photos By Michael U (Original Art) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I am a photographer who specializes in selling my paper, canvas, acrylic, and metal prints of the NE Ohio area. I'm self-taught and a full time artist. My fuel is passion and I feel like art should be accessible to all."

Kimberlee Everhard, Kim Everhard Art (Original Art) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I create watercolor art inspired by my hiking and backpacking adventures. All my paintings are inspired by places I've been, so each one has a story to share. I create each painting by hand with watercolors on paper and I produce my own art prints in my studio in NE Ohio. I intentionally create each piece to inspire and encourage all people with nature's peace and beauty."

Mike Rodemann / Anne Hillson Kennedy, The Hillson Nut Company (Food) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“An authentic taste of Cleveland! The Hillson Nut Company is a family owned and operated edible nut company founded in 1935 during the midst of the great depression. Everything roasted in house is small batch with great attention given to every pound to make sure to offer the best quality product. Many Clevelanders consider The Hillson Nut Company to be one of the city's hidden gems."

Taylor Ruddy, Moose and Lulu's (Kids + Pets) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Moose and Lulu's began by combining a passion for crafting with a love for our dogs. We pride ourselves on offering premium ingredient dog treats and high quality, one of kind, pet tags. Our focus will always be on quality and integrity but ultimately we are in business to make a positive difference in our pets' lives and feed them treats we can all be excited about."

Clara Manfredi, C. M. Manfredi's Emporium of Wonders (Original Art) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I make monsters."

Heather Smotzer, Heather Smotzer Jewelry (Jewelry) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I design and hand make fine jewelry using traditional metalsmithing techniques out of sterling silver, copper and brass."

Sara Adamo Hunter, Sarnico Designs (Jewelry) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“All jewelry created by Sarnico Designs are made with .925 sterling silver sheet, wire, and components. This is something that sets us apart from the mainstream market, along with the abstract minimalist style. I believe in staying true to the materials of the trade and producing the highest quality jewelry available at price points that make these works of art accessible to a variety of clients. Created in small batches, Sarnico Designs is committed to making pieces that are as unique as the individuals that wear them. Components of these pieces of jewelry include glass and Lucite beads, hand-drawn and hand-cut sterling silver sheet, as well as laser-cut acrylic and wood from my hand-drawn and digital designs. I strive to help others express their personal creativity and style through accessories that unleash their true selves."

Marian Zipay, Dragonfly Road Ltd. (Glass + Candles) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Being a little (ok, a LOT) "witty" ourselves, we've captured the true spirit of people by designing candles with retro-style illustrations that are uniquely crafted to give humor and laughs expressing what most of us think but not necessarily will say out loud. Our candles are a great decorative addition to any home or office and makes the best gift for that "hard to buy for" person. Dragonfly Road is a small woman-owned business located in Cleveland, OH that is totally committed to new beginnings by helping you embrace growth, self-realization, transformation, and happiness from the inside out through offering all-natural, purely simple personal care & soy blend candle products. We are committed to offering you toxin-free quality luxury products at great prices. Committed to a "greener" way of living, we are maximizing our products in the most minimalistic manor we can by offering candle wax and personal care products in refill pouches in a variety of aromas."

Bili Kribbs, The Extravaganza of Strange (Cards + Paper) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“The Extravaganza of Strange is a celebration of all things weird and whimsical. I create completely original paintings, digital prints, and miniature resin sculptures of the characters in my head. My style is surreal, immersive, colorful, over-the-top, with a balance of both horror and whimsy. I’m often asked “what were you on when you painted this?" - both a compliment, and a depressing commentary on the assumption that creativity has to be fueled by chemicals. My inspiration comes from my background in animation, as well as toys, puppets, video games, comic books, and cos-play. I’m inspired by past creatives like Jim Henson, H.P. Lovecraft, and Dr. Seuss, as well as modern creatives like Tim Burton, Wayne White, Craola, Dulk, and Alex Pardee. I love reimagining ideas into something cooler and stranger, merging nostalgia with whimsy, and most of all, exploring new techniques and crazy ideas."

Moore Metts, Wild Pampas (Home Decor) Online | Facebook | Instagram

Jennifer M Scott, The Ash House Soap Atelier (Soap + Spa) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“The Ash House Soap Atelier creates botanical handmade soaps using natural colorants and essential oils. The soaps which are made with intention in small batches by owner Jen Scott (mom, artist, & nature lover) are created using local & small producer ingredients when possible. The Ash House soaps contain lush natural ingredients while remaining free of palm oil, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors."

Becca Kidwell, Secret Shore Glass Studio (Jewelry) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I am self-taught and very passionate about my product. I have spent years collecting beach glass from Lake Erie and only recently decided to start making jewelry and sun catchers out of it. My friends loved it so much, they encouraged me to start selling. I put so much love, care and passion in my product from the beginning to end of the process. I have always loved the arts and have dabbled in every medium. It's been a dream of mine to be an artist in the Cleveland community for many years. I hope to share my story with others and inspire and learn from the people I meet!"

Jessica Markowski, Jessica James Design (Glass + Candles) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Jessica James Design was started in 2018 as a way for Jessica to express her creative spirit while making products people can use and enjoy on a regular basis. From personalized birthday gifts to custom designs for individual boutiques, her design library continues to grow. Being from Cleveland, her popular designs focus on the city and the local sports teams. She likes to offer a variety of options for her customers and now offers baby onesies and bracelet sets for local school pride and collegiate and professional teams. Her amazing customers have provided her the inspiration behind many of her designs and she will continue to grow her business with her customers in mind."

Keith Ten Eyck, L'Poster Boutique (Original Art) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I rebranded! Alternative movie prints and unique gig posters."

Michelle Nemunaitis, Seams To Bee (Fiber Arts) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I specialize in handmade purses, pouches and accessories. My creations are made with love, integrity and using quality fabrics and components. I like to add uniqueness to each of my creations by incorporating embellishments of trims, handmade fabric flowers, up-cycled jewelry and buttons. My enthusiasm for sewing began as a child watching my mother sew. I began making my own clothing and accessories as a young teen. I can honestly say that sewing is my passion, which is why I founded Seams To Bee."

Michelle Touma, Unique Spirit Designs (Clothes) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Unique Spirit Designs uses recycled fabrics to create one of a kind clothing and accessories for children and adults. Integrate a poncho and arm warmers into your fall/winter wardrobe for an effortless combination of style, comfort, and warmth. I also offer home accessories, blankets, quilts, which can be personalized with embroidery for the perfect gift."

Susan Steinicke, HiFiDiva (Accessories (including bags)) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“HiFiDiva speaks to my alter ego, as I have been singing since junior high school. I love to sing Rock, R&B, Blues, Motown, Jazz and Standards. I also perform semi-annually with "Ukiah", my college band from my years at Miami University. I am also an artist- I designed wallcovering and stationery products for many years. I love looking for albums to add to my inventory of over 400 and growing! My construction method is as follows: Re-purposed record album covers are cut apart and lined with specialty/scrapbook paper on the blank side. I make the bottom and sides from chipboard which are also covered in specialty paper. The pieces are laminated in my studio and then hole punched and grommeted by hand. Nylon webbing or guitar straps are added for the shoulder straps and the tote bag sections are laced together using cotton cord. The finished product typically measures 12" x 12" x 4". The totes are very sturdy, and will last for many years! I love working with fellow music lovers on creating a custom tote just for them with their favorite artist or band. The tote bags are made with much love and respect for the musicians that recorded these albums, and no two bags are alike!"

Bethany Jurns, Ink & Chisel (Original Art) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Ink & Chisel is a one-woman printmaking studio based in Cleveland. I produce a variety of goods from large traditional art prints to cards, bags, home accessories, and more, featuring original hand-carved and hand-printed designs. All materials are chosen to maximize the sustainability, fair trade, and eco-friendship of each product and its packaging."

Kimberly Parkinson, KP Quilting Co (Accessories) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“We specialize in making handmade fabric goods and customized quilts to turn your old memory filled apparel into beautiful lasting keepsakes. Whether your clothes are from sports, competitions, races, concerts, Greek life, school spirit, or theater: any collection of shirts that hold your memories will make a beautiful quilt. Here at KP Quilting Co we don't limit you to just your T-shirts. Long and short sleeve T-shirts, sweat shirts, most jerseys, uniforms, shorts, jackets, sweat pants, baby clothes and onesies can be used. Nearly any article of clothing that means something to you and that can be cut and sewn can be crafted into the perfect quilt."

Christine Pyles, Delicate Watkins Shop (Jewelry) Instagram

“Delicate Watkins Shop specializes in small batch seasonal and unique one-of-a-kind polymer clay earrings to cater to all tastes from small studs to large statement pieces with a price point of $5-15."

Kyle Murphy, Spring Hill Candles (Glass + Candles) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Spring Hill Candles makes soy wax candles using recycled glass bottles and jars. The bottles are sourced from local breweries, grocery stores, and everywhere in between. Each bottle is cut and sanded by hand- turning a piece of trash into treasure. Once the candle is done burning you can reuse the glass for propagating plants, as a drinking cup, and much more. These candles make unique gifts for any occasion."

Emil August Gallik, August Antoinette Illustration (Original Art) Online | Facebook

“August Antoinette Illustration is a small business based out of Cleveland. He specializes in the dark, emotional and the macabre juxtapositioned with the light and uplifting. His products include prints, notebooks, t-shirts, keyrings, stickers, flower presses, unique lighters, votive candles and original framed art."

Lina ElRichani, MsCotti's Biscotti & Scones (Food) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Pre-Packaged “Softer” Biscotti, Scones, & Cookies. Gluten free options are also available!"

Ann Cinovec, annmade goods (Accessories) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I have been crafting for as long as I can remember and knitting since I taught myself at 16. I've always made gifts for family and friends and loved to create cards and home decor. But at some point, about 5 years ago I started  knitting hats and I just can't seem to stop. I fell in love with bold colors, high quality fiber, and satisfied customers."

Emily Scheiderich, For the Love of Foliage (Jewelry) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“FLF offers a variety of plant-themed decor and accessories, with hyper-realistic miniature leaf earrings being the main feature! So realistic that people ask all the time if they are made of actual plants (don't worry, they're not!) Other products include drinkware, koozies, coasters, bags and apparel (coming soon) that feature a mixture of original designs and plant puns. The whole idea is to celebrate all sorts of plants rather than the popular mainstream few. As a plant lover, I grew tired of only seeing monsteras everywhere when there are so many other plants out there to love! I pride myself on offering only handmade items, made locally by me right in downtown Cleveland. Being a one-woman show means everything is made with lots of care, and everything is completely customizable. Have a favorite plant at home? Send a pic and you'll have your very own one-of-a-kind earrings in a matter of days!"

David Spencer, Mischief Factory (Original Art) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I create silly art for kids and adults alike with my distinct style. Featuring wonder and magic that fills our lives that I find interesting. I offer children's books, prints and posters mainly with a few extras items sprinkled in. All delivered on my hand made cart for extra fun branding!"

Allison Bowser, Bloom Bath Co. (Soap + Spa) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Bloom Bath Co. is committed to transforming every day routines into self-care rituals through our line of cruelty-free body care essentials. Each product is handcrafted in small batches and is formulated with 100% natural, ethically-sourced ingredients."

Lucy Williams, Boundary & Thorn (Cards + Paper) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Boundary & Thorn was born at the beginning of 2016 in Cleveland, OH, and specializes in fine art prints, greeting cards, and custom illustrations all created by the artist, Lucy Williams. All B+T products are illustrated, printed with archival inks, packaged, and made with love in Cleveland, OH. Our products have been showcased in West Elm, Madewell, and local boutiques around Cleveland."

Sheri Adams, Yipp Yipp Dog biscuits (Kids + Pets) Online | Facebook

“Yipp Yipp Dog Biscuits is a wonderful grain free all natural dog biscuit co. We offer a variety of flavors and size biscuits. All crunchy and yummy and perfect for every pup! We also make colorful bandanas big fluffy beds and squeaky toys.”

Tasha Brandt, FanTashtic Designs (Cards + Paper) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Fantashtic Designs is here to push the envelope on what deserves celebration. We explore how we can deepen connections through creativity, authenticity, and a few F-bombs. With uniquely and handmade designed cards to celebrate queer identities, disabilities, and mental health, we've got you covered to help you acknowledge yourself and those you love from a trauma-informed lens. Let's celebrate the moments in between, the mundanity, the growth, and recognize the realness in those moments, too!"

Betsy Warner, Happy Pickler (Food) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Happy Pickler is thrilled to help folks in northeast Ohio thrive. We ferment vegetables, the traditional, lacto-fermented, probiotic-rich, gut-health boosting way. 90% of our produce comes from Ohio farms, so our products rotate with the seasons. Our crunchy cucumber pickles are some of the finest you'll ever taste. Our root vegetables are a delicious way to add gut-healthy bites to every meal. Customers are obsessed with not only our delicious veggies, but also our UpShots Kvass - probiotic pickle juice available in 5 flavors. Energizing before or after a workout, used to make dressing and dips, or a simple shot to get probiotics and electrolytes into your diet every day, fans are devoted to this distinctive beverage. We put health, love & joy into everything we do, and our mission is to spread that health, love & joy, one jar or bottle at a time, throughout The Land."

Anna Batyreva, Happy Bear (Glass + Candles) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“We make 100% beeswax candles in various shapes. Beeswax candles are a cleaner, brighter, and much longer burn than petroleum based candles. There is also little to no dripping which makes them extremely versatile. We do not scent our candles so all you are getting is the faint smell of beeswax when burning it, making it a great dinner centerpiece. As opposed to soy candles, our beeswax candles do not rely on mono-agriculture and that is better for the environment."

Michael Killik, Killik Hot Sauce Company (Food) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“The best fermented hot sauce you’ll ever taste!“

Ashley Smith, Atlas & Aether (Jewelry) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“Atlas & Aether is a handmade jewelry and home decor brand that blends innovative techniques with classical metalsmithing. I use 3D printing, electroforming, etching, and found objects to create mixed-media works of art that are immortalized in metal forever."

Dawn Shimp, fashionsplatter (Fiber Arts) Online | Facebook | Instagram

Marcus Schafer, SWORKS (Home Decor) Online | Facebook | Instagram

“I enjoy breaking an idea down to its simplest parts, then designing a unique or unorthodox way to make it anew. My work is 3D, but I sketch, draw, and design in 2D. Each piece is laser-cut flat, and I determine which axis that piece will land on. Using a laser cutter, as well as utilizing a monochromatic color scheme, gives each piece a solid industrial design aesthetic that pairs with my patterns and designs. Inspiration comes from everywhere, and my work continues to evolve as the design and construction methods adapt to what each piece requires. I design and construct boxes, bowls, puzzles, lamps, and wall art, among commissioned pieces and gallery entries. Some items are functional, others make a statement. But they're all SWORKS."

Tia Blacketer, Sugar Pepper Soaps (Soap + Spa) Facebook

“I make homemade goat milk soaps from our own Saanen goats. I also make cedar soap dishes, goat milk lip balms, goat milk sugar scrubs, and anti aging oils. I use simple, natural ingredients and hand make everything completely by myself. Each product has been carefully created and handled with meticulous care."