Meet the Makers: Bazaar Valentine at 78th Street Studios #1

It's our first show of 2024, in our 20th anniversary year, and we'll be at the place it all began: 78th Street Studios! Saturday February 3rd from 10-6:00 shop with 100+ makers bringing you the very best in handmade + local gifts for your sweetie (or yourself... we don't judge).

1301 West 78th Street (look for the Your Art Sucks neon sign above the door). We'll be on the lower and first floor levels, and the resident artists will be open throughout the building.


Andie Ferman, Heartistic Endeavors

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“Heartistic Endeavors conducts creative expression opportunities: “Community Paints In Numbers" and Reflections: Transformative Art Experience. For CPIN I set up 6 canvases and people sign up to paint their “number" on each canvas. On each canvas there is an outline of the Cleveland Skyline and the numbers are “scrambled" on each canvas. People rotate from canvas to canvas and at the end of the 30 minutes they each walk away with a painting that they all helped create. Embodying community."

Rainy Kypros, Whatever Resinates

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“Whatever Resinates strives to preserve the natural beauty of the world. This is done by picking and pressing wildflowers and other plants to then encapsulate them in one of a kind jewelry and home décor. All plants and insects used in the creations are sustainably sourced and foraged. We create these pieces to allow for beautiful blooms and greenery to be cherished year round."

Connor Miko, Wild Northland

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"Hello! I design, create, and sell hand-made duck canvas pennants, the majority of which are National Park themed (including a handful of Cleveland designs), branded under Wild Northland. The pennants are hand-made here in Lakewood, using duck canvas and hand-painted. Each is hand-sewn with durable polyester thread, twill tape, solid brass grommets, and stamped with Wild Northland branding. Every pennant is unique—slight imperfections truly make each creation one-of-a-kind."

Jen Varos Sale, Belle Weathered

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"Handmade magical creations for Old Souls, Young Hearts & Kindred Spirits. Made with inspiration from quality materials that celebrate the natural beauty of time & imperfections. From vintage glass & leather jewelry to carefully curated paper collage art match strikes to captivating essential oil perfumes; everything is made with love & intent and a bit of magick."

Ann Carpenter, Annmade Goods

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"Annmade Goods is a finished knitwear and knitting notions small business. We started out as a knit beanie company and we’ve expanded into many types of winter accessories including headbands and bows. Everything is hand knit by Ann with a focus on high quality wool fibers, however we use everything, including acrylic to fit the needs of multiple price points and styles. Ann's favorite thing to knit is our signature chunky 100% wool beanies, making them unique by putting together fun color combinations. In 2023 we launched our own line of knitting needles and other knitting notions and plan to offer kits and classes in 2024. Our signature knitting needles are handcrafted out of beechwood and covered with a matte black finish. For every pair of needles we sell we donate a pair of dollars to Mama Cash Fund, the oldest feminist fund in the world. Ultimately, we love to knit, and we want to share that love to others through unique finished pieces and through knitting accessories, like needles, yarn swifts and more. Knitting isn’t just for “old ladies", it’s a bad ass craft that deserves a new, modern, elegant-yet-edgy refresh and I am up for that challenge!"

Sarma Kugenieks, Cute Uglies

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"Cute Uglies are colorful and cuddly creatures for the child in all of us. They're fuzzy, fabric weirdos made of mostly faux fur, with a bits of fleece, cotton, or any other cool fabric, vintage or brand new. I hand draw each design, so all plushies are OOAK. I glean inspiration from the colorful and odd creatures in nature because sometimes reality is stranger than fiction!"

Emily Cline, Daphnia Ceramics 

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“Daphnia Ceramics creates work that combines functional handmade pottery with original screen-printed patterns and designs. The work uses hand-drawn images that are screen-printed patterns that are transferred to the surface of the clay. Each piece combines bold colors with graphic prints to create a playful and modern aesthetic. Images are inspired by the local flora and fauna of the woods in Ohio or include fun and whimsical imagery."

Savannah Berk, Sav's Macs

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"Sav's Macs is not just a macaron haven; it's a whimsical journey to a charming, dainty street in France. Our Parisian bakery backdrop and signature Sav's Macs awning transport customers to a picturesque setting, creating a delightful atmosphere. What truly sets us apart is the unique and inviting display that beckons passersby, drawing them into our world of artisanal macarons. With our 'Make Your Own Box' setup and a palette of fun flavors like Crème Brûlée and Tiramisu, the experience at Sav's Macs is not just a treat for the taste buds but a visual and culinary adventure."