Meet the Makers: Bazaar Valentine at 78th Street Studios #12

It's our first show of 2024, in our 20th anniversary year, and we'll be at the place it all began: 78th Street Studios! Saturday February 3rd from 10-6:00 shop with 100+ makers bringing you the very best in handmade + local gifts for your sweetie (or yourself... we don't judge).

1301 West 78th Street (look for the Your Art Sucks neon sign above the door). We'll be on the lower and first floor levels, and the resident artists will be open throughout the building.

Ellen Gurley, Kilning Me Softly


“I make small batch ceramic tableware, decorations, and jewelry! I recently launched letter necklaces which sold out at my last sale."

Becky Hughes, Mid+West Coast Co

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“I was born and raised in California but have lived in northeast Ohio for the past 13 years. A few summers ago, I came back to Ohio from vacationing in California and felt inspired by my love of both my home state and my new Ohio home. I had also been dabbling in candle making for a few years and was ready to take it to the next level. And my idea for my business, Mid+West Coast Co. was born, candles made in the Midwest with California soul. My natural soy wax candles capture the coastal lifestyle of both the Great Lakes and California. Each candle is made with natural soy wax with no additives. They are poured into beautiful recycled glass tumblers that can be reused as cocktail glasses. All my candles contain natural essential oils and phthalate free fragrances inspired by the ocean and the Great Lakes. I currently have five signature scents: Lavender Haze, Out of the Woods, Lake Love, Hello Sunshine and Beach Bonfire. Each scent is distinctive and unique with a natural coastal vibe."

Barbe SaintJohn, byBarbe Jewelry

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“‘by Barbe Jewelry’ was founded in 2020 when I wasn't able to find a lot of affordable contemporary modernist-style jewelry that I wanted to wear. I did what most creative people do - I decided to create the jewelry I wanted to buy. Recognizing the transformative power of a well-chosen accessory, 'By Barbe Jewelry' strives to offer pieces that convey individuality, instill confidence, and evoke empowerment and a reminder to ALWAYS be your bold, stylish self. My designs are inspired by midcentury modern art, retro shapes, bright colors, and bold textures to create maximum self-expression and style. My jewelry is made in small batches and one-of-a-kind pieces in a variety of materials from Sterling silver, brass, gold fill, vintage glass, woods, acrylic, resin, powder coat, etc... Each piece is crafted with love and attention to detail in my home studio." 

Kerri OConnor, Fleur de Life Jewelry 

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“It is my passion to create captivating jewelry and cut stones that are alluring, versatile, and vibrant with the feelings of pure joy and inspiration - talismans or amulets to wear throughout the day. It is my intent that this will be passed on to the wearer. Why? If you are happy, you will naturally spread it like wild fire to everyone around you. And then they will feel good too! I use captivating, natural gemstones, lustrous sterling and fine silver, gold-filled and copper metals in my designs. Why? Historically precious stones and metals have been used to embue leaders with strength, courage, will and other positive qualities. And in today's terms, precious metals and gemstones are eco-friendly. They are healthy, naturally beautiful, and feel wonderful against your skin."

Anji Gruber, Love, Anji

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“Love, Anji is all about turning nature into art. From creating paper flowers that last a lifetime arranged in wooden vases and home decor that will add warmth to your space or make great heartfelt gifts. Anji and Jason are the artsy duo who put their heart into every piece."

Kim & Jack Ford, White Squirrel Clayworks

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“White Squirrel Clayworks is a wife and husband team in Oberlin, OH that have a real love of nature and animals. We started our business after many years of collecting and enjoying handmade pottery and decided to become potters ourselves. You will see a direct relation to the natural, peaceful world in our works. That is our true message. The name of our company came from the town of Oberlin and the colony of white squirrels that live here. (We make a lot of white and black squirrel logo items for locals!) All of our pottery is dishwasher and microwave-safe! White Squirrel Clayworks believes in sustainability and uses sustainable products and green energy to create their products."

Samantha Hudson, snow. 

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“Snow. makes pop culture inspired crocheted figures in the Japanese style of amigurumi. From movies and TV shows, to dinosaurs, animals, plants, and outer space; these sustainably handmade cuties are enjoyed by children and adults alike." 

Joshua Wright, Clemeno

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“Clemeno is a small batch hand poured candle & solid perfume company that not only uses clean quality ingredients but we also connect with local and regional artists to create unique home looks and inspired concepts. What sets me apart is my consistent quality, conversation starting designs, and a commitment to eco-friendly practices."