Meet the Makers: Bazaar Valentine at 78th Street Studios #13

It's our first show of 2024, in our 20th anniversary year, and we'll be at the place it all began: 78th Street Studios! Saturday February 3rd from 10-6:00 shop with 100+ makers bringing you the very best in handmade + local gifts for your sweetie (or yourself... we don't judge).

1301 West 78th Street (look for the Your Art Sucks neon sign above the door). We'll be on the lower and first floor levels, and the resident artists will be open throughout the building.

Christine Pyles, Delicate Watkins Shop

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“Delicate Watkins Shop creates one of a kind, small batch, and seasonal polymer clay earrings and the occasional magnet, trinket bowl, hair clip, and bookmark. From small studs to dangles to statement pieces, there's something for everyone! Youth librarian by day, Christine is self-taught, having started her polymer clay journey in 2014 making plates of miniature food, and Delicate Watkins Shop was established in 2021. Stop by to see what treasures you may find! Price point: $5-30 and custom orders welcome!"

Megs LeVesseur, Megs LeVesseur Ceramics

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“Welcome to Megs LeVesseur Ceramics, where we ignite joy and inner childlike wonder through vibrant, handcrafted ceramics. Our collection is an imaginative blend of intricate line work and kaleidoscopic colors, celebrating the meditative process of handbuilding. Each piece, crafted with love, showcases traditional techniques like layering terra sigillata and mishima carving. Alchemy comes to life with diverse glazes, transforming every creation into a mesmerizing visual delight. At Megs LeVesseur Ceramics, we cherish uniqueness, creating one-of-a-kind items that marry beauty with functionality. Step into our whimsical world and reconnect with the enchantment of ceramic art."

Sarah Pierce, Pierce Jewelry

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“Pierce Jewelry offers a wide variety of handcrafted, original items. All of the jewelry is created using sterling silver, 14K gold and gemstones. Each piece starts out as basic wire or sheet and is then cut, formed, soldered, hammered,finished and set as needed. The use of vitreous enamels adds additional color and depth to the line. The signature leaf shape and hammer texture is evident across the entire line."

Mary Clark, Tiny Cloud Ceramics

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“Tiny Cloud Ceramics makes one of a kind kitschy-cute functional ceramics. Their work mixes retro-futurist surface design with kawaii culture and candy coloring to make something uniquely delightful. Be it a mug with a neat twinkling pattern, weird nondescript blobs with faces, or a pair of animal friends frolicking, each piece is lovingly crafted in Akron, Ohio." 

Totally Sweet

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“Totally Sweet is a female owned all vegan bakery located in the Waterloo Arts District. We make everything from cookies to cakes, but are best known for our handmade pop tarts. We like to get creative with our fillings, such as a trawberry, vanilla chai and sausage/egg/cheese just to name a few!"

Charles Strasshofer, Chuck Stuff

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“Currently a one-man operation, Chuck is dedicated to crafting strong, elegant ceramics. Shapes and edges define the current body of work, through angles thrown into the shape of the pot and in the use of abstract glaze decorations over the pots. There's a rigorous testing phase between formulating each glaze from scratch and the point the glaze is deemed acceptable for coating the ceramic. The glazes used on his work are fine-tuned to ensure the strength and durability of his wares without compromising style and beauty. Chuck Stuff are all one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate the materials used to create them." 

Natalie Gutierrez Negron, Taller NGN

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“Mixed media artist, illustrator, creative, tastemaker. Taller NGN is a Latina-run workshop located in the US Midwest. Born and raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico, Natalie Gutierrez-Negron creates artwork through the (heart-shaped) eye (glasses) of the island girl within. Now, living in Cleveland, OH, she draws inspiration from her hometown of Bairoa, Puerto Rican culture, diaspora life, her long-obscured Hispanic Afro-Caribbean roots, eclectic musical tastes, local politics, media, comedy and all things POP, filtered through the fiery lens of the Aries ram. The current stock of artwork includes block print and digital art prints of various sizes, some framed; block printed journal sets, lined and blank; block print postcard and envelope sets, block print greeting card sets, stickers and magnets, zines and mini comics, block print tote bags, posters, and block print jewelry (earrings and necklace charms)."