Meet the Makers: Bazaar Valentine at 78th Street Studios #3

It's our first show of 2024, in our 20th anniversary year, and we'll be at the place it all began: 78th Street Studios! Saturday February 3rd from 10-6:00 shop with 100+ makers bringing you the very best in handmade + local gifts for your sweetie (or yourself... we don't judge).

1301 West 78th Street (look for the Your Art Sucks neon sign above the door). We'll be on the lower and first floor levels, and the resident artists will be open throughout the building.


Laura McGuinness, Laura McGuinness Designs 

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“Laura McGuinness Designs makes one of a kind pieces of jewelry using silver and semi-precious gemstones. Laura prefers to make unique pieces because doing anything more than twice bores her silly. She is inspired by nature (particularly the ocean and all creatures in it), texture, color, and shape. Ably assisted by her regular consumption of an entirely unreasonable amount of coffee, Laura hopes to create something that you will love and wear for years to come."

Lorissa Schaefer, Lorissa Schaefer Designs

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“My artwork is rooted in what I find aesthetically pleasing in the environment around me. I find pleasure in objects that are odd, curious, dainty, retro, and colorful. It is with these objects that I try to find the humor within them, and illustrate what comes to mind. I use bold lines and colors to do this referencing styles that can be found in old school tattooing techniques and the super graphic ultra modern movement. My medium of choice is a digital program and tablet."

Krystal Tomlinson, Live. Dream. Create.

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“With a range of handsewn felt and fleece plushies, stuffed animals, felt foods, and playsets that can double as decorative items/desk buddies - there’s bound to smiles and fun for kids and adults of all ages!"

Samantha Bako, Figment Pudding

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“I create original art using digital tools that is predominantly frog-themed, sometimes pop culture based, and usually a bit odd. I use my art to create prints, stickers, magnets, as well as useful things like coasters, mugs, notebooks and other stationery. My mission is to open a keyhole to the awe and wonder of nature through whimsical cartoons and fantastical illustrations, to run barefoot through the fields of the mind, to curiously wriggle our toes in the mud and goo of the mundane instead of letting it bog us down. figmentpudding celebrates and embraces weirdness and exalts the awkward. Sometimes we’re adorable, sometimes we’re scandalous, sometimes we’re adorably scandalous. But always we remember to: BE THE WEIRD YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD" 

Sade Simmons, Sugar For Brains

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“Handmade essentials for everyday, effortless style and those extra quirky moments. Small batch wearables inspired by the urban element or pop culture. ,meshed with timeless drip. We create the pieces that make your outfit the backdrop."

Jason Ewing, Ohio Beard Company

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“Ohio Beard Company was launched in 2018 as a passion project after I began growing a beard for the first time. I found myself disappointed in the beard care options at big box stores so I decided to start making my own. Ohio Beard Company makes all-natural and safe beard and skin care products for beards of all shapes and sizes, which include beard oil, balm, wash and conditioner. We believe proper beard care is important for the overall health of the beard, the face and the beardsman. That's why we've made it our mission to provide high-quality beard care products and support to all beardsmen regardless of where they are in their growth journey."

Steveland Arnold, Oh So Dapper Soap Company

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“Oh So Dapper Soap Company focus is to create skincare products specifically for men. Our goal is to prove hydrating skincare products with amazing masculine fragrances. We not only provide handmade soap, but we also offer beard care, lotion and lip balm."

Alysse Boyd, Stuffed Hot Cocoa Bombs

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“As the owner of Rocky River-based Stuffed Hot Cocoa Bombs, Alysse combines her imaginative flair and love for cooking to craft small batch, handmade cocoa bombs. Her delicious, and equally beautiful and unique designs, are meticulously created to enjoy as part of a holiday celebration or any special occasion clients can think of and might request. She is know for her hot cocoa bomb characters."