Meet the Makers: Bazaar Valentine at 78th Street Studios #9

It's our first show of 2024, in our 20th anniversary year, and we'll be at the place it all began: 78th Street Studios! Saturday February 3rd from 10-6:00 shop with 100+ makers bringing you the very best in handmade + local gifts for your sweetie (or yourself... we don't judge).

1301 West 78th Street (look for the Your Art Sucks neon sign above the door). We'll be on the lower and first floor levels, and the resident artists will be open throughout the building.

Suzy Brannon, Batter + Dough

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“Batter + Dough specializes in gluten-free baking mixes, small-batch baked goods and dog treats. At-home gluten-free baking is made easy with their mixes. Everything you need to make delicious quick breads and cookies is included except for a few kitchen staples – no special ingredients, skills or equipment are required. For those looking for ready-to-eat treats and edible gifts for their Valentines & Galentines, their small-batch baked goods include holiday decorated sugar cookies; mini quick breads & poundcakes; a variety of cookies from shortbreads to childhood favorites; and their fan-favorite brown butter & sea salt rice crispy treats. And don't forget about your furry Valentines -- the dogs in your life will love their gluten and grain-free dog treats! Batter + Dough -- Always delicious, surprisingly gluten-free!"

Dawn Shimp, A Stare of Owls (formerly fashionsplatter)

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“Compellingly tactile textures in crochet, morphing shapes with fidget features. Vintage inspired. Nature enthralled. And a hat for your dog.

Taylor Evert, That Peace of Mine

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“That Peace of Mine ft. Good Dawg Goods upcycles antique silverware to create jewelry including spoon rings, bracelets and more. Silverware jewelry is nostalgic, unique and tells a story. My favorite thing is to work with a customer and use sentimental silverware to create a piece of jewelry to enjoy for years to come. Good Dawg Goods is a collection of dog earrings made out of sterling silver and polymer clay, and feature a variety of colors and dog breeds. I am a dog lover myself and a big advocate of supporting your local rescue, something that inspired me to start Good Dawg Goods."

Bili Kribbs, The Extravaganza of Strange

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“The Extravaganza of Strange (the art of Bili Kribbs) is serving you the surreal visual acid trip of psycho primates, tentacled monsters and other colorful madness. These are the results of when an over-active imagination mixes with an aggressive creative impulse. Follow the white rabbit, take the red pill and get lost in the realm of The Extravaganza of Strange’s paintings, sculptures and other imagery. I love to tell stories. Everything has a story. Sure there are interesting images and I am flattered when people connect with my work on just aesthetics, but to know where they came from and how I came to create them is sometimes where the real art is. I love sharing my imagination and process. Waking up the viewer to look at things differently is where I get real gratification. I am most proud of sharing and teaching creativity and how it is a super-power for problem solving, healing meditation, or emotional expression, not just making pretty pictures. The world is changing all the time. More and more creativity is needed in all fields and in many aspects of life. My existence and efforts serve as a reminder to be resourceful and adaptable. I have made it this far by making a conscious effort to have a sharing, courteous and collaborative attitude toward everyone. It has made all the difference. Sometimes it’s cake. Sometimes it’s a game of ‘the floor is lava’. But setbacks are just opportunities to flex that creative muscle whether that’s trying something a little scary or just changing my perspective when things don’t turn out as expected. A big lesson I have learned is to be open. The more honest I am with myself and with others the better. Whether that’s about my process, where and how I get new ideas or just being transparent about my motivation behind the choices I make. I have noticed that it serves me better to be my true self rather than to broadcast a constructed in-authentic persona. Also, I have learned to break unspoken rules. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into an unconscious routine, or to comply with others’ expectations. Defy the laws of tradition, move along the Z axis when things are only on an X and Y axis. I call my work The Extravaganza of Strange because some of my favorite things are a good party, a celebration, and I like new experiences, learning about things that are foreign to me. Strange things. There is an abundance of worldviews, ideas, cultures, oddities and everything that I’ve yet to experience. The healthiest diet is variety. The best collaborators have a diversity of skills. I want to welcome and celebrate the outsiders, the odd, the strange. Through my art, I hope to teach this positive outlook on weirdness, as well as communicate how important being creative is."

Kayla Mazanetz, Sweet Geebs

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“Sweet Geebs is a cottage food bakery in North Olmsted that creates colorful handcrafted sweet treats for life's most memorable moments. They have been specializing in decorated royal icing cookies since 2020." 

Amira Fahmy, baked AF

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“Baked AF recreates nostalgic childhood desserts (aka throwback snacks) from scratch using high quality ingredients, and the majority of items offered are made with 100% plant based ingredients. There’s something amazing about food that can transport you to a different time and place when you take a bite of it - Baked AF throwback snacks help people relive those beloved memories while also feeling good about what they’re eating. Standard offerings include oatmeal creme pies, stroopwafels, smores bars, pop tarts, and a range of artisanal baking ingredients." 

Kristin Crites, Abbella Crafts 

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“As a creative artisan, my passion lies in crafting exquisite handmade items that blend artistry and functionality. Specializing in home decor and jewelry, my designs are brought to life through the intricate art of laser engraving, with wood being the primary canvas of my creations. My work aims to enrich homes with a touch of timeless elegance, celebrating the beauty of the natural world while adding a personal touch to every creation."

Grace Lopez, 702 Good Earth Project

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“We are a small family business that offers amazing Filipino based products, like our ever in demand Ube Cookies that are soy free, gluten free and vegan. We are also known or ou baked NEVER fried corn nuggets, amazing sweet and savory trail mixes and addictingly good Sesame Seed sticks!"