Meet the Makers: Bazaar Valentine at Lake Affect Studios #3

This Saturday we will be at Lake Affect Studios (1615 East 25th St, between Superior and Payne) from 10-6:00 with 60 more talented makers. Find something for your sweetie or treat yourself, sip + shop with your friends and have a wonderful time.

Charmed Beard Oil Co.

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“I handcraft beard and body care products from organic and cruelty-free ingredients in small batches. My products contain unique herbal infusions that are great for skin health. I do all of my own design for labels and marketing, in a fun, elegant and gothic/medieval style."

Mallory Tulcewicz, Mud by Mallory 

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“As a potter, I am constantly inspired by the sense of touch and the tactile qualities of clay. My work is heavily influenced by vintage color palettes and textures of the 60’s and 70’s. I use vintage fabric to roll the texture into my clay, creating a unique and organic feel to each piece. My goal is to create pieces that not only look beautiful, but also feel comforting and can be used in every day life."

Ian Barrett, Fuego Fermentations 

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“Fuego Fermentations makes carefully composed, unique, balanced and complex vegan and gluten free fermented hot sauces and BBQ Sauces. I was fortunate to have been recently given national recognition by winning a Good Food Award. I take great care and pride in the good food I make as well as the good ways in which I make it. All of my sauces are non-gmo and almost everything in my sauces is locally sourced. I work closely with Rainbow Farms in North Perry to ensure that I use the best ethically and locally sourced ingredients possible. It is important to me that I put as much money as I can into the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio food system. The passion I have for chilies and fermented hot sauce is evident in how tasty my sauces are. I offer a wide selection of flavor profiles and heat levels. I have some awesome mild sauces no doubt, but the trend is that more people want heat in their sauces. I take a lot of care dialing in that balance of heat and flavor, which other brands tend to lack. A stand-out of my sauces is the way I use fruit in them. I use just enough fruit to get the layers and complexity I want, and then I cut them off. Like a vocal harmony, there is a sweet spot you can live in, but once one of those notes oversteps its’ boundaries, then it is all off. To keep the high-quality standards of my products, inside and out, nothing is co-packed. All Fuego Fermentations products are hand bottled, hand labeled, and hand waxed by me proudly in Old Brooklyn, the community we live in, at the Old Brooklyn Cheese Company."

Jen Davis, Edifice Art

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“I'm Jen from Edifice Art. I describe myself as an Energy Artist. I create jewelry, divination boards, tarot card holders, crystal holders, woodcut lamps and many bookish things. I give each and every piece I create intention and trust that it finds the person who was meant to have it!"

Taylor Jacobs/Jennifer McClure, Honeydew Bakeshop

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“Honeydew Bakeshop is a home bakery out of Cleveland, Ohio. We create vegan cakes, cookies, and other treats that feed the imagination as much as your sweet tooth. (Like our fan fave Scotcharoo Brownies!) p.s. we would love to be the sweetest part of any celebration of yours - drop us a line or fill out the custom request form on our site!"

Kerry Wills, Day Maker Cards

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“Specializing in small batches of handmade cards for all occasions, Day Maker Cards are full of positivity + encouragement, uplifting sentiments and bright + happy colors. Each card features an original design from a combination of stamping, die-cutting, ink blending, foiling, and embossing to make them truly unique. In addition to the major holidays, we have a card for nearly every occasion that's worth celebrating. Sending - or receiving one of these cards is sure to make your day!"

Anji Gruber, Love, Anji 

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“Love, Anji is all about turning nature into art. From creating paper flowers that last a lifetime arranged in wooden vases and home decor that will add warmth to your space or make great heartfelt gifts. Anji and Jason are the artsy duo who put their heart into every piece."

Antoinette Mathis, Nina Lau’Rens 

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“Nina Lau’Rens is dedicated to creating exquisite Cakepops and Chocolate-Inspired Treats. Our goal is to infuse elegance, joy, and happiness into every occasion through delightful offerings like Cakepops, Cupcakes, and Chocolate-dipped treats. We take pride in the fact that our desserts not only boast appealing aesthetics but also deliver exquisite flavors."