Meet your 2019 holiday makers!

Aesthete Ceramics

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“An aesthete (noun, pronounced “es-theet”) is a person who has or professes to have refined sensitivity toward the beauties of art or nature. Aesthete Ceramics originates from the combination of an aesthete and myself, Abby Elizabeth. I combine aspects of art and nature to create both functional and decorative ceramics, such as mugs, bowls, dishes, and candles, that are pleasing to look at and pleasing to use.”

Find Abby at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Tangled Earth Arts

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“I make unique jewelry based on the patterns used in chainmaille armor. Each piece is completely handmade using high quality materials such as bronze, brass, stainless steel, and titanium. While there is a growing community of chainmaille artists and it is becoming more popular, I strive to always keep my work different from what others are creating by using other mediums and techniques as well, such as hand-painting or altering the appearance of the metals with different chemicals and patinas.”

Find Addy at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Dog Life in CLE

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“Dog Life in CLE is an online resource of dog friendly places and events in Cleveland and fundraising for local animal shelters through events and our Etsy shop. Our products are handmade or made through the help of local artists. I tie, knot, and sew each dog toy and handstamp pet ID tags and necklaces. I design and print greeting cards and pictures. With a local screen printer, we have apparel for humans and much more.”

Find Amanda at Winterfest and Lake Affect this holiday season.


The Hillson Nut Company

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“Since my grandfather started our business in 1935, we are a custom roaster of all kinds of edible nuts! From buttered pecans to deluxe mix to honey roasted peanuts, we still hand roast in small batches for ice cream companies and individual customers as well.”

Find Anne at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


The Cuddle Cult

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“The Cuddle Cult creates a plethora of hand drawn, pop culture inspired, digital art plush toys. Hand drawn on a digital platform, printed with water based pigments onto a cotton fabric and assembled into adorable cuddles in two collectible sizes, 5″ and 10″. Inspired by tv, film and fandoms each piece of the ever expanding catalog of characters spans a multitude of genres and there is sure to be something for everyone!”

Find Ashley at Winterfest this holiday season.


B.Coyne Illustration

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“My name is Bridgette Coyne and I have an illustration and design business called B.Coyne Illustration. I am an illustrator and designer and make a variety of products. I primarily make ink & watercolor illustrations and sell them as greeting cards, stickers, book marks, prints. I also make acrylic paintings on canvas as well as drink coasters and sell prints of my acrylic work. In addition to that I make handmade sketchbooks and journals.”

Find Bridgette at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Fears Confections

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“Handmade brownies, chocolates, and geeky food items with vintage flair!”

Find Cassandra at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Chris Deighan Art

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“I make freehand ink drawings on paper that usually depict fictional scenes. I like to draw imaginary layouts of real places that incorporate history. I am also a screen printer. I print by hand on paper, shirts and fabric.”

Find Chris at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Rin Knits and Stuff

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“Rin is the maker behind Rin Knits and Stuff. Rin began with knitting hats and years later is making all sorts of warm and cozy items as well as hand dyed yarn. There is something for everyone.”

Find Rin at Winterfest this holiday season.


Rose & Perry Co

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“Rose & Perry Co is a company that specializes in natural body care and home decor products. We use ingredients you can pronounce and that are skin loving. We specialize in cold-process soap, goats milk soap, 4 butter body butter, lotion bars, mango butter massage bars, coconut wax candles as well as coconut wax melts. In addition, once our customers burn their candles and they want a refill, we refill for 1/2 off for showing their loyalty! Our customers are everything to us and we do what we can to show our appreciation.”

Find Crystal at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Green & Silver Jewelry

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“Green & Silver Jewelry uses environmentally mindful materials to create custom pieces of jewelry. Each piece is handmade using recycled sterling silver. Dan Maxymiv studied jewelry design in Florence Italy and also works as a graphic designer.”

Find Dan at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


fashionsplatter / Dog Hat Daily

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“I make hats and accessories for dogs and the humans who love them. My original hand-crocheted designs take inspiration from vintage styles while emphasizing the modern human (and canine!) need to feel cocooned from the cold cold world. Coziness for compassionate badasses. I favor unusual shapes and sharp angles in soft fabrics. For this winter I am elaborating upon my most popular moebius styles, for both humans and dogs of course!”

Find Dawn at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


My Beverly Jewelry

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“Using traditional methods we create vintage inspired real pressed flower jewelry. Our designs showcase a large variety of Ohio native flowers. Every piece features a unique arrangement of blossoms which is preserved for lasting wear.”

Find Deanna at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Urban Planting Cleveland

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“We specialize in unique varieties of tropical foliage and custom made moss artwork.”

Find Elio at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.



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“We offer uniquely stitched handmade doggie/kitty bandanas that slide through the collar in four different sizes. Our cotton fabrics are carefully chosen to create our beautiful bandanas, super fun ties and finally ridiculously cute bows. We are in the business of bringing smiles to all humans and wagging tails to pets.”

Find Elizabeth at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


The Pastimes

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“The goal of the company is to represent the American Pastimes such as cycling, running, and kayaking through concept driven illustrations and hand lettering. The artwork I create and print allows the showgoers to purchase for the man or woman in their life who doesn’t usually find products relating to their unique pastimes. We now focus down to specific categories like farming, camping, and even appropriate references to hunting and fishing.”

Find Evan at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Guardian Cutting Boards

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“Hand made wooden cutting boards made from locally grown and sustainably harvested lumber from around Cleveland”

Find Gabe at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Bundle Flower Company, LLC

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“Bundle Flower Co. allows Cleveland to create their perfect bouquet. Our flowers are sold by the stem, each picked carefully by the customer to make a unique bundle of flowers. After, the arrangement is thoughtfully trimmed and wrapped up for safe travels. This traveling flower shop carries a variety of everyone’s favorites to decorate their home or give to a friend, and allows customers to make memories. Our goal at Bundle is to give choices and empower our customers to create.”

Find Gabrielle at Winterfest this holiday season.


Snakes + Acey’s

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“Snakes + Acey’s is a local woman-owned and -operated small business. They specialize in hand printed silkscreen apparel, artwork, and merchandise. Every product is designed and printed by hand in house. From apparel to artwork, totebags to coasters – Snakes + Acey’s puts a modern and unique twist on the screenprinting style.”

Find Hannah at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Heather Smotzer Jewelry

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“I design and hand make fine jewelry using traditional metalsmithing techniques out of sterling silver copper and brass.”

Find Heather at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Jennifer L Worden Arts

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“I use post-consumer glassware in the creation of my art. Conferring a new, unexpected life to bottles, jars and discarded dishware is the inspiration that makes this work possible. I melt, fuse and reshape glass, and employ other upcycled materials wherever possible, to create whimsical pieces designed to please the eye, engage the mind and encourage a sustainable perspective.”

Find Jennifer at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Cool Critters

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“I create fun stuffed animals called Cool Critters. They can be plush monsters, extraterrestrial softies, unsettling couch companions, pet sacrifices or best friends. They are 100% hand made in the Midwest and are all one-of-a-kind.”

Find Jessica at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Ol’ Dirty Sheets’ Hot Sauce

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“We are a small batch, craft hot sauce company based in Wooster, Ohio. We start with simple and natural ingredients that are layered together to create our hot sauce and spice rub recipes. All products are made, hand bottled, and labeled with love. We make hot sauce for hot sauce people!”

Find Joshua at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Keen Hands // Jewelry by Kate Fitzgerald

“Keen Hands is a jewelry line by Kate Fitzgerald. Everything Kate makes is fabricated by hand, one at a time, using traditional silversmithing techniques. She likes to straddle the line between silly and sophisticated, with designs that are sometimes understated, and sometimes absurd. Her production jewelry line is focused on comfort, while her one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces are made by altering vintage jewelry, pieces of wood, fabric, beads, old photographs, and illustrations from pulp comics.”

Find Kate at Winterfest this holiday season.


MinusG, LLC

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“MinusG is a new brand in Cleveland, Ohio making handmade sweet & savory baking mixes for the gluten-free and allergy-friendly diet. From start to finish our mixes are hand-crafted precisely for the correct taste and texture; made in our kitchen with whole grain ingredients and nothing artificial. We’re breaking the gluten-free stereotype by making gluten-free food that not only tastes delicious, but is non-GMO, plant-based, and safe so you can live your life without compromise. Now everyone can enjoy eating, it’s surprisingly gluten-free.”

Find Katherine at Winterfest this holiday season.


The Dogs Bag

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“The Dogs Bag makes natural homemade handpainted dog treats…this is not your ordinary treat, many different styles and sizes of peanut butter/pumpkin treats for your furballs. Yes, each treat is painted (edible of course) with love, by hand, with a paintbrush!

Our treats are healthy for your dog and fun for us. Made with human grade ingredients — no preservatives, no sugar! We have to buy treats for our furballs and who wants a boring old brown treat?! They will love them and you’ll have fun picking them out!”

Find Kathi at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Kay-Em Apparel

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“My products focus on my love for Cleveland as well as the outdoors. I am a Cleveland native with southwest ties and found that there was no better way to showcase my artwork than through apparel/merch (stickers, magnets, patches, pins and posters.)”

Find Kelly at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Oh Fuudge

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“Oh Fuudge! Booze infused ethical chocolatey sauce goodness!”

Find Kelli at Winterfest this holiday season.


Sunshine And Memories

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“Kelly Noon is the sole creator at Sunshine And Memories, a handmade business that focuses on fun, yet functional, items and accessories. She loves whimsy, bright colors, and happy fabrics, and incorporates those things into everything she creates. Kelly is a lifelong Willoughby resident, the favorite aunt, and refuses to grow up too much.”

Find Kelly at Winterfest this holiday season.


Fleur de Life Jewelry

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“It is my passion to create captivating jewelry that is alluring, versatile, and vibrant with the feelings of pure joy and inspiration – talismans or amulets to wear throughout the day. It is my intent that this will be passed on to the wearer. Why? If you are happy, you will naturally spread it like wild fire to everyone around you. And then they will feel good too! I use captivating, natural gemstones, lustrous sterling and fine silver, gold-filled and copper metals in my designs. Why? Historically precious stones and metals have been used to embue leaders with strength, courage, will and other positive qualities. And in today’s terms, precious metals and gemstones are eco-friendly. They are healthy, naturally beautiful, and feel wonderful against your skin.”

Find Kerri at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


So CLE Tees

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“So CLE Tees is a Cleveland-centric apparel brand, thought up by two creatives (one graphic designer, one marketing minded musical innovator) in the Spring of 2014. Our very first design – Cleveland: A Polka Town – was created for one of our favorite local events, Dyngus Day, with the Polish community in mind. Since that crazy Monday, we have expanded our apparel line to include many popular ethnic, music and nostalgia inspired designs, paired with great aesthetics and lots of color! We draw inspiration from Cleveland landmarks, traditions, heritage, neighborhoods and people and are proud to print locally in sizes for all ages.”

Find Kim at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Kimberly Monaco

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“When designing my jewelry pieces, I like them to be dainty, versatile and somewhat minimalist in form. Simple…but striking. My desire is always to create pieces that focus on the natural beauty of the gemstones and metals, with a bit of a rustic feel and a warm, handmade touch. I get uncomfortable when something is too perfect, mass produced or clone-like. Many of my pieces incorporate found and vintage objects combined with handmade, hand-stamped sterling with messages that inspire. I believe that people truly feel and seek handcrafted not only for uniqueness, but also for the meaning and soul in each piece; we seek something that has the human touch. The fact that a piece is handmade makes it special, and gives it soul. The human touch is precious in our world that has become so mass manufactured and impersonal. I put forth attention and deliberateness into crafting every single piece of jewelry.”

Find Kimberly at Winterfest this holiday season.


Backattack Snacks

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“Backattack Snacks is a premium, hand-crafted healthy snack company featuring flavored, oven-roasted almonds and Cleveland Magazine’s Best Beef Jerky of 2018.”

Find Lauren and Brian at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.



“Framed original art; illustrated prose, poetry and armchair philosophy. Cartoons, portrait & nature drawings suitable for home or office.”

Find Leo at Winterfest this holiday season.


Blue Lake Botanicals LLC

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“Blue Lake Botanicals supports a healthy natural lifestyle with plant based skincare and organic herbal teas. Our gifts from the heart of nature relieve stress and support wellness. Our creations focus on the unique energetics and aromatics of the plants we use in order to bring the natural world to you. We are now in our seventh year of handcrafting everything in small batches with clean ingredients and continue to love what we do.”

Find Lynn at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Peer Pantry

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“We are a certified Ohio Proud health and wellness alternative products brand based in Cleveland Ohio.

Our all-natural sauces are free of dairy, wheat, corn, and soy. They feature an olive oil base and are sweetened with organic agave nectar”

Find Marcus at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.



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“I digitally design all my work, then use an industrial laser cutter to create boxes, bowls, lamps, and puzzles out of various woods and acrylics.”

Find Marcus at Winterfest this holiday season.


MishMoccs, LLC

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“MishMoccs is a premium leather children moccasins, hand crafted in NE Ohio. All raw material is sourced from U.S. based companies. MishMoccs is Eco-friendly, our leather does not contain harsh chemicals and safe for children, especially the little ones that are still teething. We offer options for our clients to add insoles made with real sheep skin, and/or a customized heartfelt message can be added to any of our moccs. MishMoccs is dedicated to hiring retired/disable veterans, and contributes a portion of each sale to assist disabled veterans.”

Find Micheline at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Unique Spirit Designs

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“Unique Spirit Designs creates clothing and accessories, all made by hand from recycled fabrics. Integrate a poncho and some arm warmers into your fall/winter wardrobe for a great combination of style, color, and warmth.”

Find Michelle at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Morty’s Munchies Dog Treat Bakery

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“Have you ever gone to the store, pulled a bag of treats off the shelf, looked at the ingredients and thought “what the heck is that?” When I realized I had been giving my best bud, Morty, treats that had ingredients I could not pronounce, I knew it was time to make him something better. And so began Morty’s Munchies. I take pride in providing customers with treats that are made by hand using the freshest, human-grade ingredients I can find. Morty’s Munchies is your place to find all-natural, handmade treats for your dog. From biscuits and bars to cakes and pupcakes, I can do it all. There is something for every doggo. Morty’s Munchies offers grain-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, soy-free…everything but taste free!”

Find Nicole at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Health Junkie

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“Health Junkie Elderberry Syrup is a Superfood Boost handcrafted in Cleveland, and a favorite in cold and flu season. Flavors include the spicy Bold Ginger, the kid-friendly Sassy Cinnamon, and the vegan Cheeky Tart Cherry. Delicious in tea, smoothies, yogurt, over pancakes, and more!”

Find Nicole at Winterfest this holiday season.


The MacBath

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“The MacBath creates literary goats milk soaps for the discerning geek. My creamy and sudsy soaps are each hand stamped with a witty quotation from popular works of Shakespeare, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Jane Austen, and more. Each soap stamp is designed and 3d printed by me, making each one entirely unique to The MacBath. My soaps make a thoughtful gift for your bookworm friends and family, or a bathtime indulgence for yourself. Because in addition to being pretty, good smelling, and clever, it’s also just…really good soap.”

Find Rachel at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Rachillustrate, LLC

“Rachillustrate, LLC is an illustration and design shop which sells a variety of original and pop culture artwork. The overall style is very family-friendly with a focus on cute, cartoon-like visuals. Items sold include posters, lanyards, stickers, buttons, charms, enamel pins, washi tape, and even an original illustrated board game. Personal commissions are also accepted/available where customers can get pets, family members, or significant others drawn, which can be a very popular gift around the holidays!”

Find Rachel at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Choate BODY
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“Organic skincare for problematic skin.”

Find Rhandi at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Sweet Thing Baked Goods

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“Sweet Thing Baked Goods specializes in elaborately decorated sugar cookies, floral shortbreads, and crisp meringues. Made from scratch and baked to perfection, cookies are available in a wide array of flavors and designs!”

Find Rhiannon at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Simple Times Mixers

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“All natural handcrafted cocktail mixers. We believe in using real ingredients, no colorings, preservatives, flavorings and concentrates. We use whole fruit/food, and when in season partner with Ohio farmers.”

Find Rian at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Snarky Pants Studios

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“Snarky Pants Studios makes snarky things for snarky people – including pet achievement badges, greeting cards, and stickers.”

Find Sarah at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Pierce Jewelry

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“Pierce Jewelry offers a wide variety of handcrafted, original items. All of the jewelry is created using sterling silver, 14k gold and gemstones. Many of the designs feature the signature leaf shape and hammer texture, which insures that each piece is one of a kind and original.”

Find Sarah at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Soothing Sloth Soap Co.

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“We’re just two guys with a passion for self care and crafting honest, natural, quality products. Life can be so busy and stressful sometimes which is why our philosophy has always been to set aside a little time for yourself to unwind and recharge after a long day or week.

We are committed to making all of our products safe for adults and children to enjoy. All Soothing Sloth Soap Co. products are vegan, hand-crafted, sulfate-free, and NEVER tested on animals.”

Find Sean and Nicholas at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Ember and Flow Handmade

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“Sophie Ness, the artist behind Ember and Flow Handmade, draws inspiration from her travels and from the natural world to create one-of-a-kind jewelry in her Cleveland studio. She appreciates both the structure and the fluidity that are found in nature and enjoys incorporating these elements into every piece that she makes. Sophie grew up collecting the beautiful pebbles on the beach at Lake Erie and those pebbles now serve as the centerpieces for many of her designs.”

Find Sophie at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Purple Elephant Herbal Commissary

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“I provide consultation on clean living, making natural products for home as well as Therapy to individuals managing chronic conditions that impact their mentalhealth, utilizing holistic and company product recommendations

I make natural herbal infused products with healing herbs and pure essential oils with healing properties. The products are for skin care issues, pain relief and body care. I stand out because all my products are made with organic lavender and they are vegan friendly. I make products in small measurements and offer refill/ return discounts to reduce waste. Any purchase of the 4 oz. pain relief products contribute to the company Pay It Forward Initiative. The initiative’s mission is to make clean living and natural skin products available to underserved groups with less access to products; which include special needs groups managing chronic pain conditions or mental health issues, maternal wellness and children and families with a special needs sibling or child.”

Find Tameka at Winterfest this holiday season.


Empty Bin LLC dba Empty Bin Zero Waste

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“Eco-responsible products that replace single-use plastic and paper items. We aim to promote a healthy relationship with the environment and to facilitate a zero-waste lifestyle. I sew a full time of reusable items from my home in Akron, Ohio, using mostly organic fabrics thoughtfully picked out. Healthy options for both the consumer and the earth!”

Find Teresa at Winterfest and 78th Street this holiday season.


Platypus board Co.

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“Once upon a time two designers got together to create something unique. Friends, coworkers, makers, and childhood skateboarders, these guys were tired of corporate America telling them who to be, how to dress, how to design and how to be successful. After countless lunch breaks and after-hour longboard sessions, Platypus Board Co. hatched.”

Find Zachary at Winterfest, Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Freckles and Clover, Needle Felted Goods

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“I am a needle felt artist. Needle felting is an art form, using wool roving and special barbed needles, to sculpt and create a desired object or design. The wool, poked by the needle many thousands of times, and over many hours, takes shape as the fibers grab and interlock with each other. Needle felted art evokes a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. I make art for the wall, decorative objects, and ornaments, as well as bags and other useful items. I create projects with a dense, solid form and texture. The firm and tight nature of my projects, contributes to their beauty, durability and longevity.”

Find Marina at Lake Affect this holiday season.


Beth Wade Design

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“I am a self-taught metalsmith who expresses my deep love for animals through my jewelry. My business was born from my love of dogs and the world of adoption and rescue. When I realized I could connect with other animal lovers through my jewelry, I found that the ideas and inspiration never stopped flowing. I was able to translate my passion and ideas into drawings and ultimately designs in metal. I am a one-woman shop who does everything from design to marketing to shipping each order. For the last 12 years, I have focused on building my collection in fine and sterling silver, honing my skills and strengthening my connection with my community. My collection is always growing with new animals, new thoughts and a sprinkling of gorgeous stones in my work. I love what I do and my heart sings when my work brings a smile, a memory or comfort to those who wear it. I pride myself on meticulous craftsmanship, excellent customer service and above all, expressiing thoughts of kindness and compassion in my work.”

Find Beth at Lake Affect this holiday season.


Wolf’s Den Pottery

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“I create functional pottery made of porcelain. Each piece has nature inspired designs that are hand painted, stamped and sprigged onto the surface. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.”

Find Amanda at Lake Affect this holiday season.


Keepsakes by Diane Salter

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“I’m a mixed media artist using acrylics, pastels, graphite and collage using my hand-painted papers. I also create assemblage art using found items and collage.”

Find Diane at Lake Affect this holiday season.


Svona Studio

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“Local Cleveland artist, Shelly Svonavec, creates fine art paintings and mixed media pieces loosely reminiscent of various nature elements. Ideas mostly inspired by sky, sun, & water, Shelly works in an intuitive and experimental manner with the intention of connecting to and resonating with the viewer. She is heavily influenced by her career in educating underprivileged youth- many visual elements representing this idea of obstacle and hope.

Especially popular, has been her Cleveland Collection- refined and sophisticated prints and paintings of classic Cleveland elements. Perfect as thoughtful gifts or for elevating your Cleveland memorabilia.”

Find Shelly at Lake Affect this holiday season.


Moose and Lulu’s

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“Moose and Lulu’s specializes in allergy friendly dog treats, chews and flavor boosters. In addition to treats we do personalized dog beds, pet food mats, pet inspired yoga pants and back packs.”

Find Taylor at Lake Affect this holiday season.


Hovering Object

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“My screen printed art utilizes a mix of photographic and illustrated elements to create, what I hope are, thought-provoking images. I am drawn to the sky and the water and their possibilities for escape.”

Find Mark at Lake Affect this holiday season.


Quill Pottery Studio

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“We are a small, family-owned pottery studio located in Bay Village, Ohio. As a husband and wife team, we each bring our own unique style. Our earthenware has evolved into a very natural, organic look with the flair of bright colors. Our work is far from traditional.

Darcy works primarily on the wheel, making wine glasses and a variety of bowls. The unique glaze work on these bowls is what sets them apart from others. Jason creates mainly with slab, using the Nerikomi technique, experimenting with mixing colored clay bodies. His pint glasses are one of our most popular items.

Most recently, we started mining wild Lake Erie clay together. We spend a great deal of time refining and processing it in our studio. Unique usable wares are created with the beautiful local clay, resulting in a deep reddish brown variety of colors.”

Find Darcy and Jason Peacock at Lake Affect this holiday season.


Sugar Bomb Confections

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“Craft candy and pastry, done right. Diana Jankowski grew up in her aunt and uncles bakery best becoming a pastry chef for the better part of 20 years. These experiences both lived and learned is what makes Sugar Bomb Confections unique.”

Find Diana at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Pope’s Kitchen llc

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“I make yummy things in bottles. Pope’s Kitchen is a growing Cleveland company, we specialize in artisanal sauces, cocktail mixes and bar products. This year we are excited to be bringing our first ever cocktail book to the events.”

Find Clark at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Klink Creatively

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“Klink Creatively casts planters from handmade molds out of a special concrete blend. Seasonally we like to shake things up and bring new products, all plant related, to our customers.”

Find Krystle at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


miss wanderer

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“Miss Wanderer is a business built on a passion for creating. I use a mix of new and old materials to create unique macrame art, from wall hangings to plant hangers, as well as jewelry.”

Find annamarie at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


NARFdesign LLC

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“NARFdesign (Nearly All Robyn’s Fantastic design) is a collection of sea/beach glass jewelry created by Robyn Peterson Durlin, inspired by her love of beachcombing while kayaking on Lake Erie. The sea/beach glass featured in each jewelry design is sourced from either Lake Erie or from the coast of Maine!”

Find Robyn at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.



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“NOSH Butters was launched in 2018 in Ohio as a supplier of craft nut butters. We believe in snacking freedom and pride ourselves on natural & original recipes made to satisfy your hunger. Our plant based blends are produced in small batches with high quality ingredients. Each product is vegan, gluten free & palm oil free.”

Find Sam at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Odyssey & Oddities

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“Odyssey & Oddities is a vintage inspired statement jewelry line made for today’s fashionable trendsetters, even if they’re on a budget. My designs are very inspired by the 1930s, 1970s, drag, witchcraft and the occult; but are made with current color and jewelry trends in mind. Odyssey designs include kitchy bolo ties, colorful chunky wood bead necklaces, gemstone earrings and necklaces, vintage bead earrings, fringe and tassel earrings, feather earrings, and witchy chokers.”

Find Nikki at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.



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“sandblasted glassware and bar accessories such as coasters- prints-tumblers- ceramic mugs and ornaments.Bar accessories are laser engraved on slate, acrylic, stainless steel, canvas, wood & leatherette”

Find Cindy and Vinnie at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Tidal Cool

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“Tidal Cool is a fashion experience pulling global inspiration from prints, patterns, and techniques to create clothing, jewelry, and henna art. Fashion artist Andrea Howell, designer/maker behind the label, uses fine tailoring and attention to detail to create bold, timeless garments. The last two Tidal Cool collections debuted during Accra Fashion Week in Ghana, fusing African textiles with American design. Tidal Cool is global fashion, bridging the world one garment at a time.”

Find Andrea at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Lilly Chocolate

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“We are a chocolatier & confectioner, well known for our handmade truffles, chocolate bars and indulgent drinking chocolate!”

Find Amanda at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


The Pierogi Lady

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“We make over 100 varieties of gourmet and traditional pierogi. We take pride in our pierogi making each one by hand with love like Grandma used to.

Besides our delicious classic pierogi we also make several vegan varieties as well as gluten free pierogi.”

Find Autumn at Lake Affect and 78th Street this holiday season.


Crochet Kitty

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“We created Crochet Kitty with 2 specific aims, providing uber quality USA handmade toys in place of dime a dozen foreign products and to motivate cat playtime as an everyday activity to reduce the 68% national average of overweight cats.

Crochet Kitty currently produces 30+ cat products made from high quality fabrics to handle the many rough playing felines out there. Our current line includes catnip cat toys, interactive wands, valerian root toys, and sound toys. The catnip provided in our toys is organic and grown in a high altitude climate which creates a strong pungent sell to enthrall your kitty into play.”

Find Abbie at 78th Street this holiday season.


Cuyahoga Collective

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“Cuyahoga Collective is a purveyor of goods and objects for the home. Our aesthetic represents the roamers and the seekers by taking inspiration from the North Coast and bridging the gap between home and exploration. We highlight our in-house creative alongside makers from Ohio, the US and beyond. We pride ourselves in connecting customers with the world around them, whether from their living room, around town or a journey into the wild.”

Find Cuyahoga Collective at 78th Street this holiday season.


Lil’ Burritos

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“Lil’ Burritos is a Northeast Ohio based design boutique specializing in unique baby clothes, nursery decor, & baby shower gifts. One part designer (Alex Rodgers) and one part special education teacher (Stephanie Rodgers), the store is a fusion of the latest in both kids fashion and modern design. All items come wrapped in foil like a little burrito!”

Find Alex and Stephanie at 78th Street this holiday season.


The ExCB

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“The ExCB is a proud purveyor of hand forged timepieces & fine sterling jewelry for men and women. Whether it is a custom order or a production, each piece is meticulously fashioned by Alexander Draven from start to finish. With a spectrum of prices & styles there is truly a quality piece for everyone.”

Find Alexander at 78th Street this holiday season.


Printer & Press

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“My business, Printer & Press, is the platform I created for all of my artistic endeavors. My illustrations are driven by my love for drawing and printing, as well as nature and all things fantasy. I’m inspired by methods of creating art that are rooted in the history of printmaking while embracing modern developments in creating imagery. I love to create art that can be accessible to a wide variety of people, art that can take anyone to a new place or an old memory. I take pride in that all of my cards, prints, and etchings are made 100% by me, from starting sketch to finished print.”

Find Amy at 78th Street this holiday season.


Elderberry Marsh

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“We are dyers of fiber, turners of wood and growers of elderberries in the quiet countryside of rural Geauga County, Ohio. Elderberry Marsh was born out of our appreciation and love of hand crafted goods and to use what the farm provides. Elderberries abound on the property and are used to make jelly, elderberry syrup and an all-nut granola.”

Find Andrea at 78th Street this holiday season.


Annmade Ohio

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“I make hand knit hats, headbands and scarves with unique colors and patterns. I have 3 lines for my knit items, luxury (100% Peruvian highland wool), all Ohio (100% wool yarn from local farm), and simply annmade that encompasses all other yarn items. I also diversify my store with home and beauty items that include; bath blends, herbal facial steams, room sprays, bottle cap roses, gift tags, decor and more- all perfect for handmade holiday gifts or to treat yourself!”

Find Ann at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“Oceanne is a line of minimalist modern jewelry by French designer Anne Harrill. Established in 2006, Oceanne started growing a following in Cleveland, OH and slowly expanded to apparel and home goods. Outgrowing her spare bedroom, then her first studio, she opened her storefront in 2017, with the help of a team of amazing creative women.

With an aesthetic that merges both the maker utility of the rustbelt and the enduring beauty of French design, Oceanne is a tribute to Anne’s childhood in France and her journey to the American Midwest.

Inspired by life’s small pleasures and made for your everyday, each piece is designed with a focus on craftsmanship, comfort and functional beauty. Geometric and minimalist metalworking, minerals, stones and conversational phrases are elements in our designs. With great attention to detail, each piece is made by hand using traditional techniques such as forging, stamping, filing, torching and assembling vintage and curated materials.”

Find Anne at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“APE MADE is a Cleveland-based line of hand screen printed products, clothing and beyond, that showcase our city and region. Ape made creates items for everyone — adults, children, babies, pets, and home — using only the comfiest apparel and aiming to maintain affordability across the line. All items are screen printed by hand using non-toxic inks and no machines in Cleveland, Ohio.”

Find Ape at 78th Street this holiday season.


Beth Levey Gemstone Jewelry

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“I have been drawn to rocks and gemstones since I was a kid. As an adult, I am so happy to create jewelry that is different than the norms and trends. And, I am so happy that one can wear genuine gemstone jewelry every day and not just on special occasions. I use genuine gemstones and sterling silver to create unique handmade jewelry. I mainly use wire wrapping “cold connection” techniques to build my gemstone chains and attach stones to one another. I have begun to work with silversmithing techniques to expand my jewelry making abilities. I am continually trying new ideas to create one of a kind, wearable pieces for women who love all gemstones and wish to display their individuality.”

Find Beth at 78th Street this holiday season.


Elizabeth Vilkas Design

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“I am an artisan whose whole life is lived creatively. I am always dreaming of my next project, I love one of a kind things and hate repetition! Lately, I have been making and selling lots of soap, custom made perfumes, beaded serving utensils, earrings, and very detailed charm bracelets. I have a faithful following online as well as at my shows and markets. I like getting out and talking to people as much as creating!”

Find Beth at 78th Street this holiday season.


Beethings Studio Jewelry

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“I make kick-ass jewelry using old and new beads from around the world. Metal, stone, glass. Everything has a story.”

Find Bethany at 78th Street this holiday season.


Washed Ashore Jewelry LLC

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“Family found (since the ’60’s) Lake Erie beach glass and shipwreck pottery jewelry and coastal art.”

Find Beverly at 78th Street this holiday season.


Chile con Yarne

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“Chile con Yarne has been a one-person plush making machine since 2007 and has attended every Cleveland Bazaar since the beginning. Best known for their plush cubes, Chile con Yarne focuses on toys that spark the imagination, facilitate creative play, and hold up to years of love.”

Find Bex at 78th Street this holiday season.


The Circle Craft

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“The Circle Craft is a custom jewelry and accessory workshop in Cleveland, Ohio. We cast sculptural rings, delicate pendants, bold cuffs, and bangles in a variety of metals while cultivating organic and hand-wrought textures. Each piece is handcrafted by owners Bobby and Danielle Allen.”

Find Bobby and Danielle at 78th Street this holiday season.


Zenspire Designs

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“I free hand intricate designs into well known images with sharpie makers on Bristol board and also the IPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. Well known images such as animals, Pittsburgh skyline, food, hobbies, all sorts of things. I then print my originals as waterproof stickers. They are great for the car, waterbottle, phone, all sorts of things, just as long as the surface is smooth. I’ve realized in the last few years of my countless shows I have been a vendor at, they are very popular among all ages and not just young kids!”

Find Brita at 78th Street this holiday season.


Peaches Products

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“I meticulously needle felt chibi and kawaii style animals, realistic animals (primarily owls) as sculptures, wall hangings, and ornaments. I started needle felting 12 years ago and I just couldn’t stop poking. I went to school for…well lots of things, but three dimensional art wasn’t one of them. No one was more surprised than me when I picked up a needle and the felting process just made sense to me. I volunteer in raptor conservation, primarily owls, which has naturally led to me making a lot of owls. But, I’m a nature lover as well so you’ll find all manner of adorable other critters as well. I occasionally do small batches of stuffed animal owls, which are both adorable and also give me a way to justify my impulse fabric purchases.”

Find Casey at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“Rigmarole is a design studio started by Akron native, Chris Rutan. Rigmarole specializes in handmade vinyl wallets, origami ornaments and other small accessories. We love color! The products that we create focus on colorful patterned paper which we use to sew into our wide range of wallet designs and to create our origami star ornaments. We pride ourselves in our packaging which is designed, printed, cut and constructed in our in-house studio.”

Find Chris at 78th Street this holiday season.


Tea Dude

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“Tea dude offers unique, hand blended loose leaf teas made according to personal recipes.”

Find Chris at 78th Street this holiday season.


Cynde H Designs Ltd.

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“My current jewelry is made from enamels and recycled 35mm film negatives and slide film. The series I’m working on is called Enameled Patterns in Nature which incorporates the use of photographic images imprinted on enameled shapes. The images are a permanent part of the jewelry piece. Some pendants and earrings are accented with dyed sprocket edges from the 35mm film negatives and slides. I also have a line of Cleveland/Ohio themed pendants in Copper, Brass and Stainless Steel.”

Find Cynde at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“ReGeeked is a line of wallets and accessories hand crafted with recycled comic book pages. Yes, real actual paper comic books pages.”

Find Daena at 78th Street this holiday season.


Dippity and Snark

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“Dippity & Snark is an independent design studio offering handmade cards, stationery, stickers and illustrated gifts. All designs are hand drawn by Danielle, a graphic designer and illustrator who started Dippity & Snark as a way to share her cheeky, funny and snarky creations with the world!”

Find Danielle at 78th Street this holiday season.


We Bleed Ohio

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“We Bleed Ohio is a local Ohio-themed clothing brand that is designed and screen printed by artist Dave Gruss in his downtown Cleveland storefront.”

Find Dave at 78th Street this holiday season.


Spoiled Dog Boss

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“We are a dehydrated, Non-GMO, 5 or less ingredient, dog treat company. We have our own local USDA certified butcher and all meats are coming from local (Geauga County), organic farms. All other ingredients are sourced in the USA. We cater to picky, allergic to everything, tummy trouble, raw fed, kibble fed, home cooked, SPOILED DOGS!”

Find Dawn at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“Dinara Mirtalipova is a self taught illustrator/designer. Born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, she eventually landed in snowy Ohio. Dinara studied Computer Science at the Tashkent State University of Economics, however her true passion was always patterns and illustration. Raised in Soviet Uzbek culture, Dinara inhabited Uzbek/Russian folklore that still influences her work.

Currently Dinara works from her home studio in Sagamore Hills, OH. She uses a wide range of materials and tools, like carving lino blocks, gouache, acrylics and many others. She has been working with many great brands, publishing companies and ad agencies and she is continuously looking forward to making new friends.”

Find Dinara at 78th Street this holiday season.


Refresh Collective

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“Refresh Collective is a 501(c)3 arts and youth development organization whose mission is to REFRESH the HEART of the CITY one song, one shirt and one story at a time. Our handmade clothing line promotes health with a hip-hop vibe. Designs are hand-drawn and/or created digitally by our small team of artists and youth interns. We screen print by hand to paper, cloth and apparel using environmentally friendly ink products. Proceeds support Cleveland kids through free music and design programs as well as paid internships and workforce development programs that take place at our Fresh Lab recording studio and screen print shop.”

Find Doc and his young artists at 78th Street this holiday season.


Drew Hocevar Glass

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“From an early age I have enthralled with the process of making glass. It is that fascination that drew me towards making glass. There is a sense of danger and excitement that can only be felt working with molten glass, taking molten glass at over 2,000 degrees and shaping it with your hand with only the protection of a small wet newspaper! The fluid nature of liquid glass influences the shape and color patterns in my pieces. I fill my work with vibrant colors that are only accentuated by the addition of light.”

Find Drew at 78th Street this holiday season.


Long Way Home Studios

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“I have been a maker of things my entire life. My work always seems to bring me back to personal adornment. My focus right now is on enameling and metalsmithing. I am having a blast catching stuff on fire and hitting things with a hammer. I have a very eclectic style, going from whimsical and sweet to pieces that are edgy and contemporary. I love being a part of a creative and energetic community. I have so much fun doing different shows and meeting the people that support not only my work but the work of fellow makers and creatives.”

Find Edy at 78th Street this holiday season.


Champaign Paper

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“All of our work starts as a hand drawing by Beth. We digitally edit and color the images and print them on all of our products. The cards, pocket journals, art prints and note card sets are all made with recycled paper and envelopes. We are also starting to use compostable sleeves for our greeting cards and will soon be using them on our art prints(once we exhaust the plastic ones). Our canvas totes are heat pressed in our studio and we screen print all of our own t shirts.”

Find Elisabeth and Shaun at 78th Street this holiday season.


Emily McGaughey – Screen Printing & Illustration

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“Emily McGaughey is a Printmaker and Illustrator based in Pittsburgh, PA. She applies her bright, bold and whimsical illustrations to a variety of handmade products. Her digitally-drawn artwork is incorporated into screen printed posters, stickers, pins, and magnets. The work she creates is inspired by video games and cartoons, and features a lot of goofy cats.”

Find Emily at 78th Street this holiday season.


Tiny Erica Jewelry

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“Designed on paper, crafted by hand, and made to last, Tiny Erica Jewelry is a collection of lightweight architectural sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry that empowers self expression and creativity within the wearer. Handcrafted by Erica Montejo, the line is influenced by shapes and objects found in nature and combines organic forms with a streamlined geometric aesthetic. The lightweight nature of the shapes found in the collection allows Erica to have fun with repetition and scale while maintaining the comfort and wearability of each piece in the line!”

Find Erica at 78th Street this holiday season.


Carhop’s Burger Sauce

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“We make delicious sauces and rubs! With awesome old school flavor that meets modern dietary restrictions. Carhop’s sauces are free of gluten, dairy, sugar and carbs! They have 0 trans fats, 0 HFC, are vegetarian and have no MSG! They’re the only secret sauce you’ll ever need!”

Find Gina at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“We are Whiskertin. We make hand crafted light fixtures and lamps.”

Find Aaron and Glenn at 78th Street this holiday season.


Greg Murray Photography

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“I’m a dog photographer and author. My next book, Pit Bull Heroes as well as my 2020 Pit Bull Heroes calendar will be on sale in time for the holidays.”

Find Greg at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“Thistlebury is a line of stationery and decor that features my characters and stories. Creating goofy characters has always been a passion of mine, so this little shop is a way for me to tell their stories and share them with an audience. All of my products are made and assembled, here, in Cleveland Ohio.”

Find Haley at 78th Street this holiday season.


Hollyhue Clothing

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“Holly Hue clothing brings DIY ethics, clothing conservation, and artistic design together to create a non-conventional form of hoodies for everyone. A pioneer in the clothing upcycling world. Holly has been making these one of a kind custom hoodies for over 10 yrs. By combing the aisles of every town’s thrift stores, these creations not only help preventing waste for the environment, but also give forgotten ugly sweaters and all types of knit clothing new life. The designs are fun, individualistic, and affordable to coincide with the ethics of DIY culture.”

Find Holly at 78th Street this holiday season.


Holly K Whitney

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“Holly K Whitney uses original designs and imagery, curated papers, and prints to create handcrafted journals, planner accessories, magnets, pins, and more. Her process meshes various disciplines to create fun and functional work.”

Find Holly at 78th Street this holiday season.


Pickled Punks

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“We at Pickled Punks are about creating fun accessibility to the mysteries and wonders of the world. Influenced by cryptozoology, the sideshow, halloween and oddities, we create adorable plushies, t-shirts and unique artwork for all ages. All illustration, design and production is done at the Pickled Punks Studio in Syracuse, NY.”

Find Isaac at 78th Street this holiday season.


Red Rocket Farm

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“Jason Thomas and Alexa Vicario offer a line of original relatable characters. We create layered artwork on wood with characters in simple scenes. Our pieces are made to remind people of themselves or others and are sized to hang in any wall or shelf. The characters are made to mix and match to create your own collection. We also have a line of Desktop Allies which are desktop art with snarky or relatable sayings so you feel like you have someone on your side at work. Beyond wall art and Desktop Allies, we also make our characters into wooden pins, greeting cards, and magnets.”

Find Jason and Alexa at 78th Street this holiday season.


Backyard Living

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“We handcraft unique birdhouses with antique hardware. We put old license plates as the roof. We also make wall art cut in the shape of Ohio with license plates.”

Find Jeff at 78th Street this holiday season.


Night Owl Glass

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“Night Owl Glass creates fused glass jewelry, home decor and plate sets. The studio is located in the Screw Factory Artists Lofts, where classes and individual instruction are offered. We are proud to be Cleveland born and bred. Thank you for supporting your local arts and buying handmade!”

Find Jenn at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“Messenger bags and purses made from recycled tweed suits and upholstery fabric remnants. Embellished with cork tree fabric and leather.”

Find Jennifer at 78th Street this holiday season.


Letterpress Jess

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“Letterpress Jess is a letterpress printing studio and workshop in the downtown Canton Arts District. We would love to bring our stationery, greetings and holiday cards, art prints, calendars, gifts and more, all hand printed (one at a time) on vintage Chandler & Price letterpress printing presses.”

Find Jess at 78th Street this holiday season.


Backstitch & Nine

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“Just two Mama’s dedicated to the small comforts of handmade goodness: Quilts, loveys and feminist embroidery. We bring a modern approach to quilting, using our traditional designs to showcase the beautiful artistry of current fabric designers. Our comfort items don’t stop at quilts. We currently have modern Rag dolls and wallets too. New this year, Jess has been incorporating her lino-cuts into our product lines!”

Find Jess and Dani at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“Timeless jewelry art created from salvaged architectural pieces and parts, unique vintage components, fine glass beads/gemstones/precious metals, and the memories from a forgotten time that each found object holds.”

Find Jess at 78th Street this holiday season.


Papillon Handcrafted Jewelry Co.

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“Papillon Handcrafted Jewelry Co. is a one-woman show, operated by Jessica Donnelly. Jessica is a self-taught metalsmith who is passionate about conservation and travel. She creates new collections each month which focus on either a destination, an insect, or an environmental movement. Her jewelry studio is eco-friendly and sustainable, and each quarter a portion of profits are donated to a environmental organization that promotes collective impact.”

Find Jessica at 78th Street this holiday season.


Una Biologicals

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“Una Biologicals is an independent natural beauty & wellness company. Started in my kitchen some 15 years ago, we now craft over 90 products for the whole family. Our product line includes natural body butters, Luxe Face Cream, natural deodorant, herbal salves, lip balm, headache relief, scrubs and more! We believe in organic, fair trade & sustainable ingredients, guaranteeing that our line is 100% good for you. Through truly natural products that smell & feel divine we hope to help everyone live a little healthier & little happier.”

Find Jessica at 78th Street this holiday season.


Foundry Woodprints

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“Cleveland based company that specializes in photography and nostalgia. I print directly to wood panels on many items including photos, bottle openers, and coasters.”

Find Jim at 78th Street this holiday season.


Obvious Coffee Roasters

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“We are a small batch coffee company striving to make the coffee experience something truly enjoyable. Our focus is on high quality, single origin beans roasted fresh to order. We are here to help you learn and understand how to find your favorite brew by teaching about various brewing methods, flavors, and roasts. Everyone can be a coffee lover – you just have to figure out what makes your cup, yours.”

Find Joe and Julia at 78th Street this holiday season.


Side Porch Design Studio

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“I create scarves, up-cycled clothing, cards and accessories (earrings, bags, ties, glasses cases) using a process called Eco Printing. The colors come from natural dyes found in leaves, vegetables and flowers. The plant material is layered onto a natural fabric, rolled and tightly bound, then steamed in a turkey roaster for several hours. The resulting plant portraits are one of a kind, elegant images of nature. They are light and color fast washable accessories. My love of nature makes me conscious of keeping the process as gentle on the environment as I can.”

Find Julie at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“MadKnits is a line of hand-sewn, plush, alien-monster dolls with the goal of encouraging imaginative play and environmental conservation in adults and children alike! All monsters are made of new cottons, wools and faux furs, With hand embroidered details.”

Find Kaitlin at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“The biggest goal I have with anything that I make is to make people laugh.”

Find Kate at 78th Street this holiday season.


Peripeti Candles | Peripeti Home

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“I create original home fragrances using non-toxic and natural ingredients as a solution to chemical based store bought products.”

Find Kate at 78th Street this holiday season.


Solder & Sage

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“Solder & Sage is an adornment apothecary producing by hand: jewelry, smudge kits and incense to allow customers to set daily, thoughtful intentions.”

Find Kathryn at 78th Street this holiday season.


Oddball Press

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“Oddball Press offers contemporary greetings and printed goods. Founded in 2007 by Kati Hanimagi, we began with letterpress printing and then added offset printed products to our collection. The products are achieved through a combination of brainstorming, modern technologies, and processes of the past. We embrace all printing methods and rely on other print shops for production. We take pride in our design, and we strive to delight with our wit. Oddball Press is based and began in Cleveland, Ohio.”

Find Kati at 78th Street this holiday season.


Elsewhere Botanicals

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“A curated plant shop that specializes in house plants, pots, botanicals and living art.”

Find Katie at 78th Street this holiday season.


Fiber and Gloss

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“As a high school art teacher, I found myself growing exhausted from watching my students’ have countless creative epiphanies while I wasn’t taking the time to cultivate those moments for myself. I had no idea what I was doing, but I just HAD to create something for myself again! Two years later, I’m still going with a growing brand selling all sorts of colorful, fun, quirky things. I sell a wide variety of goods ranging from one of a kind, original work to art prints and printed products such as greeting cards, magnets, mugs, buttons, and more! I hope to bring color, quirkiness, and even hometown pride with my work to my customers’ world!”

Find Katie at 78th Street this holiday season.


5am Press, LLC

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“I am the author, illustrator and paper engineer of two books and also sell mini art prints and paper illustrations. My books are published through my indie publishing company 5am Press. I’ve done a few events at Cleveland Bazaar and did very well. I love the people, it’s a great group of creators.”

Find Keith at 78th Street this holiday season.


Lake Witch

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“We craft spell kits, floral smudges, herbal teas, witchy jewelry, ritual tools and more. Established 2018 on the shores of Lake Erie in Lakewood, Ohio. The Lake Witch has always been drawn to water and inspired by the natural beauty of the lakefront. All of our wares are meticulously handcrafted with care in our studio using all organic and ethically sourced herbs, florals, crystals and stones when possible.”

Find Kelly at 78th Street this holiday season.


Sweet Bean

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“We’re a small-batch, handmade confections company based in Cleveland, Ohio. After several years of baking and making candies for friends and family, we decided to make our passion our business. Focusing on handmade filled chocolates and bean to bar, with the occasional marshmallow or other confection, we create the treats we love to eat. We hope you’ll love them too.”

Find Kristin at 78th Street this holiday season.


Kristin Ellis Jewelry Artist

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“A metalsmith and enamelist, Kristin Ellis makes original jewelry from reclaimed materials, glass and natural stone. With hammers, anvils, and torches, she deconstructs silver and copper objects and reshapes them into new and beautiful forms, embellishing them with colorful glasses and gemstones.”

Find Kristin at 78th Street this holiday season.


Triple Threat Press

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“Triple Threat Press specializes in bridging the gap between traditional, letterpress printing and contemporary, computer-aided design. We use hand-restored, antique letterpresses to produce our cards, coasters, prints, posters, and printed housewares. All of our print work is done on antique, restored, letterpresses. The basic techniques we employ have been in use for hundreds of years and traditionally would include individual pieces of lead type and hand-carved wooden blocks. While some modern printmakers still have the equipment, space, and desire to use old methods, we do things a little differently. We chose to do our design work in Adobe Illustrator and are able to turn those designs into photopolymer plates that we print on our letterpress. This allows us to us to easily use multiple typefaces and custom artwork in a way that the letterpress printers of yesteryear could only dream of.”

Find Laura at 78th Street this holiday season.


Laura McGuinness Designs

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“Laura McGuinness makes one of a kind pieces of jewelry using silver and semi precious gemstones. Laura prefers to make unique pieces because repetition bores her silly. Laura is inspired by nature–particularly the ocean and all creatures in it–texture, color, and shape. Ably assisted by her studio ‘helper,’ May the Labrador, and an entirely unreasonable amount of coffee, Laura hopes to create something that you will love and wear for years to come.”

Find Laura at 78th Street this holiday season.


el-red jewelry

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“I am a metalsmith who works mostly in sterling silver, though I incorporate other metals and materials depending on the design. All of my jewelry is hand fabricated by myself in my Cleveland, Ohio home studio. All designs are original and entirely handmade.”

Find Laurie at 78th Street this holiday season.


Linda’s Other Life

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“Linda’s Other Life features quality home sewn home goods including aprons, tea towels, pillows, table runners and carefully selected seasonal items for every room of the home.”

Find Linda at 78th Street this holiday season.


Lily In Flux

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“I solder, electroplate, & oxidize a rotating curated collection of stones, fossils, crystals, and found objects, treating each piece like an artifact to achieve a distinct, modern, yet relic-like aesthetic. Adventurous Jewelry For The People. Many pieces are one of a kind and/or unisex.”

Find Lizz at 78th Street this holiday season.


Free Period Press

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“Free Period Press creates paper products like Habit Calendars, To-Do Lists, and Self Care Zines to help you slow (way, way) down, take care of yourself, and focus on what’s most important to you.”

Find Lora at 78th Street this holiday season.


Brighton Wool and Honey

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“We are a small family farm located in northeast Ohio. We raise honeybees, alpaca, sheet and goats on our 18 organic acres of fruit trees, wildflower, herbs and clover. We offer raw wildflower honey, lavender infused creamed honey, bee pollen, all natural lavender laundry soap, 100% felted wool dryer balls and all natural goat’s milk and honey bar soap.”

Find Maggie at 78th Street this holiday season.


Mrs. Mason’s Co.

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“Mrs. Mason’s Co. makes handmade premium brittles, packaged in exquisite gift boxes and bags. We were the first company in the country to make brittles with a dried fruit in the middle, and of our ten varieties, five have a dried fruit. We ship within 48 hours to all 50 states! Perfect for corporate gift giving!”

Find Margaret at 78th Street this holiday season.


B. Radley

Facebook | Instagram
“The hands behind B. Radley Ceramic Jewelry belong to Martha Wozniak. She creates her hand molded pieces out of her home studio in Cleveland, OH that she shares with her boyfriend, two kids, dog, two cats, and two chickens. B. Radley ceramic jewelry has become known for its bright colors and handpainted metallics. Life is too short not to wear bright colors!”

Find Martha at 78th Street this holiday season.


Tiny Cloud Ceramics

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“Tiny Cloud Ceramics makes one of a kind kitschy-cute functional ceramics that have a unique kawaii style mixed with 50’s-esque surface design that is both fun and functional. All pieces are completely hand made and feature freehand surface designs including doofy animals, rude phrases, and abstract cloud-based shapes.”

Find Mary at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“Mojowear is a line of t-shirts and upcycled clothing for people that appreciate a sense of humor, attitude and a unique brand of industriousness. I love surprising people with color and pattern and the little details that can make one smile. I use high quality t-shirts and onesies on my tshirt line and my upcycled line includes anything that will go through my sewing machine…jersey, sweaters, denim and much more.”

Find Maureen at 78th Street this holiday season.


terra verde handmade

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“we craft sustainable wellness products including handmade soaps, upcycled candles, and balms. we are purpose-driven and evolve as needed to keep our offerings relevant and responsible, and our product lines are thoughtfully designed by a certified aromatherapist.”

Find Melissa at 78th Street this holiday season.


Furbish & Fire Candle Co.

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“At Furbish & Fire Candle Co., we’re proud to have created a high-quality, 100% soy candle that is both environmentally friendly and safe to burn around your family. Our classic wine bottle candles include a wide selection of label options, from witty and sentimental to labels you can personalize to commemorate a special occasion or favorite location. We hand-pour our candles using 100% soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, and phthalate-free fragrances.”

Find Michelle at 78th Street this holiday season.


Dragonfly Woodworking & Leather

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“Handmade Wood and Leather goods. We strive to create cherished heirloom quality pieces that will be handed down to the next generation. cutting boards, tables, leather handbags, leather accessories, custom leather work aprons designed by the user for your line of work or hobby. All pieces are handmade and created here in Ohio.”

Find Michelle at 78th Street this holiday season.


Michelle Romary

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“Michelle Romary Apparel is a pop-up fashion boutique brimming with eye-catching, handmade fashion. Michelle, a singer-songwriter with a propensity for fashion design and sewing, creates both stageworthy outfits, everyday cardigans, cropped cardi-jackets, unisex scarves for all seasons, unisex face savers for lovers (and haters) of winter, bold vegan fabric earrings as part of her “Charity Collection,” colorful zipper and envelope clutches, and vegan keychain guitar pick pouches. In 2016 she introduced her handmade home accessory line of organic lavender sachet pillows, Ohio shaped fabric drink coasters, and cloth napkins. She has been a featured designer on Fox 8’s “New Day Cleveland” and multiple Northeast Ohio shops carry her items. After graduating from Ohio University, Michelle moved to the Cleveland area and instantly fell in love with Northeast Ohio. She feels genuinely embraced by the creative entrepreneurs adding her to local shows, shop owners carrying her items in Northeast Ohio stores, print and online publications giving her press, television shows detailing her work, and all of the makers working alongside her. She strives to give back by donating 50% of her “Charity Collection” proceeds, 100+ winter face savers a year, and funds raised from her fleece animal toys to her favorite local charities benefiting homeless individuals and animals. Thank you for supporting handmade and ethical sewists!”

Find Michelle at 78th Street this holiday season.


Maeve’s All Natural

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“Vegan and organic skincare, cosmetics and wellness products.”

Find Mimi at 78th Street this holiday season.


1UP Gallery

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“1UP Gallery uses fabric and vinyl to create pop-culture themed bags and accessories. Focusing on details, each item is handcrafted and embroidered to create a unique piece.”

Find Missi at 78th Street this holiday season.


Morie Clark

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“Morie Clark is an illustrator of the “creepy & cute” based out of Akron. In addition to her original artworks and prints, she also has enamel pins, stickers, stationery, apparel, and more available for your enjoyment.”

Find Morie at 78th Street this holiday season.


Revival Body Care

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“Revival Body Care is a line of ALL NATURAL Skin, Lip and Hair Care created using only finest quality Organic, Fair Trade, 100% Vegan Ingredients. Revival Body Care is committed to using ingredients that are sustainable, ethically sourced, fair-trade, cruelty-free and organic. All to ensure healthy, nourished skin, lips and hair without the use of toxins, artificial chemicals, colors, fragrances or fillers. EVERY ingredient serves a purpose.”

Find Nicole at 78th Street this holiday season.


Rustbelt Relics

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“My work investigates aspects of our region, industrial imagery, and antique advertising. All work is original and begins as a hand drawn piece which is then screen printed by hand as a small edition. Recently I have incorporated monoprinted sheet metal then adhered to a wood backing, which I’ve hand cut and assembled.”

Find Paul at 78th Street this holiday season.


Rag Pottery

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“Rag Pottery was created by Rachel Gonzalez in 2018. Rachel is a potter living and working in Elyria, Ohio who loves to create beautiful, thoughtfully designed objects that bring bright moments of joy in the homes of those who own her work. Her current body of work is comprised of wheel-thrown porcelain pottery decorated with colorful underglazes and abstract designs. She underglazes and hand carves the designs on dinnerware using both mishima and sgraffito techniques. Additionally, she paints abstract designs using a textured acrylic/sand mixture on various types of planters.”

Find Rachel at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“snow. makes pop culture crocheted figures in the Japanese style of Amigurumi.

From TV, film, music, and animation characters, to dinosaurs and even potted plants- these huggable handmade figures appeal to children and adults alike.

snow.’s amigurumi are completely washable and dryable and stand from 3″ to 12″ tall.

snow. has distinguished herself in the indie craft scene over the last 8 years by designing and creating her own patterns for her geeky/nerdy yet adorable amigurumi.

Chosen Best of Cleveland 2018 by Cleveland Magazine.”

Find Samantha at 78th Street this holiday season.


Venus In Aquarius Apothica LLC

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“Venus In Aquarius Apothica specializes in Astrological Aromatherapy, small batched herbal body care products, and a variety of celestial inspired alchemy for mind, body, and spirit. All ingredients are either sourced locally and organically, or sourced with the upmost care and discernment.”

Find Samantha at 78th Street this holiday season.


Lake Breeze Arts

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“A mother and daughter duo that creates two entirely different product lines. Mom makes mixed media, 3-D luminarias, lanterns, wall panels and ornaments, and the daughter creates big-eyed, fuzzy, plush creatures that kids of any age can enjoy. Between both of them, almost all needs and wants are covered!”

Find Sandra and Sarma at 78th Street this holiday season.


Unibrow Society

“We’re Unibrow Society: a collaboration between Sara Bicknell and Kathleen Marcotte.We’ve united under one brow to create thoughtful, empowering, cute, fun, illustrated goods to brighten your day. We believe in laughter, in play, and embracing all the awkward, weird parts of ourselves that make us human. Unibrow Society follows one code: be kind, be cool, embrace imperfection, and support one another. We’re all on this spinning rock flying through space together!”

Find Sara and Kathleen at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“2 ODD BIRDS is a culmination of an artist’s passion to bring you unique, nature-inspired jewelry. With the use of natural stones and aged brass, I bring you my vision. Totally sourced in the United States I hand pick each stone and start my process from there. Complimenting my stones with brass that has been oxidized gives an aged weathered appeal, as if the stones were dug from the ground.

Like Cleveland my pieces are unique, raw, and have imperfections. My passion is to transform these pieces into beautiful wearable jewelry for you to love and appreciate.”

Find Sara at 78th Street this holiday season.


Sarah Krisher Studio

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“I design and make jewelry for individuals who appreciate handmade, quality pieces. My jewelry is created with special attention to the details in color, texture, overall aesthetics and wearability for various occasions. The Sarah Krisher Studio slogan, “Everywear Everyday, Handmade Jewelry”, embodies the versatility and effortlessness of incorporating these unique handmade pieces into your own style and daily life.”

Find Sarah at 78th Street this holiday season.


Ellie Jane Bags

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“Ellie Jane Bags are designed and handcrafted using waxed canvas, leather and cordura. Our range of styles and sizes are ideal for everyday casual wear and belong with your favorite pair of jeans. All bags are lined in a waterproof material, easy to clean and durable. Bags are meant to carry all the things we want to keep close to us wherever we go. Ellie Jane Bags are beautiful and reliable, making them the perfect companion for all your everyday adventures.”

Find Sarah at 78th Street this holiday season.


Sweet Dish & Darling

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“Sweet Dish & Darling is a small, handcrafted candle business based out of our home studio in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood of Cleveland. I started making candles as a way to express myself creatively in a medium I was unfamiliar with and I continue to enjoy the challenges and freedoms that come along with this form of art. We craft soy candles inspired by moments, travel and memories that we want to share with our fans. We hope to make something special, with our hands from our narrative, that others want to bring into their home to be a part of their story.”

Find Sarah at 78th Street this holiday season.


Rocket E3

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“I design and print a line of T-shirts and prints inspired by vintage pop culture and Cleveland themes. My work has tongue-in-cheek humor and a unique personality. The inspiration for my work comes from stuff like old sci-fi and horror movie posters, vintage comic books, pizza, and cats with bad attitudes!”

Find Scott at 78th Street this holiday season.


The Bubble Process

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“The Bubble Process is a two-man design and illustration firm built on this foundation: good food, good music, good time. Started back in 2006, (Sean Higgins and Nicholas Rezabek), decided to make their dream job since no one else had made it for us, creating a company that specializes in screen-printed posters, art prints, shirts, and other randomness. The two of us met in 1999 at Kent State University and have been best buds ever since. We live apart, (Ohio and Connecticut) but come together via the World Wide Web (virtually inseparable – pun intended!), passing files, ideas, notes and jokes with digital ease and style.”

Find Sean at 78th Street this holiday season.



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“Hazelmade is a collection of illustrated paper and home goods by Susan Hazel Rich. Each design is thoughtfully hand-drawn and carefully paired with the highest quality environmentally friendly papers, durable cotton fabrics, and minimal earth friendly packaging. I am proud to say my entire line is Midwest Made and USA Sourced. My products are functional pieces of art with bold colors, fresh florals, and a modern twist on vintage themes; they are a beautiful addition to any home.”

Find Susan at 78th Street this holiday season.


Taylor Jacobs Jewelry

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“Taylor Jacobs Jewelry is fine art metal jewelry hand-crafted from start to finish by the artist in their home studio. Their line of work features neutral palettes (with the occasional pop of color) that allows for play within the wearer’s own fashion sense. Taylor’s favorite part of making their unique jewelry is the coloring process known as powdering coating. It is a technique used mainly by the automotive industry and creates a sturdy, opaque color finish.”

Find Taylor at 78th Street this holiday season.


Damn Good Jam

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“Damn Good Jam is a family business created for the love of summer drinks and fresh fruit. We use tequilla, whiskey, rum, and wines to add wonderful flavor and a unique twist on traditional preserves. This jam is meant for more than your morning toast as it pairs wonderfully with cheeses, meats and bakery. It is a thoughtful fun gift or stocking stuffer. ‘One taste and you will know why its called Damn Good!”

Find Tracy at 78th Street this holiday season.


Fat T’s Cookies

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“Big. Fat. Chewy. Quarter. Pound. Cookie. Top cookie company in the state of Ohio!”

Find Travis at 78th Street this holiday season.