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Our summer applications are open now!

Bazaar is a juried show, which means that after the application deadline our jury reviews all applications and votes on who will be offered spaces. They consider multiple factors including product quality, price points, uniqueness compared to similar products, the maker's social media accounts, photos and more. Bazaar has been producing events in Cleveland since 2004 and we have a vast amount of experience in determining who will be likely to succeed at our events: we WANT you to do well.

Often we have many more applicants in a particular category than we can accommodate: it's difficult for one category of artists to do well if there are a large number of similar items at one show. In this case, for events with multiple dates such as our summer shows, we do our best to rotate different makers in throughout the season to keep things fresh.

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Please note we ONLY accept application through Submittable. There has been an epidemic of comment posts on our social media posts and many other events' posts. "Message me to reserve your space!" We don't want you to get cheated by one of these spammers. We might reach out to a new artist we haven't worked with before and ask if they're interested in applying but we ONLY accept applications in Submittable. Be careful out there! There are a lot of people trying to take advantage of artists this way.